Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keeping It A Secret : Part 2

Hello! Hello! Helloo! Long time no see. Lol. I am so Sorry for the wait you all. Its just that becoming a freshman isn't as easy as i thought it would be! :\ All that damn HW, and the gym! smh. Its alot! But here is what you've all been waiting for! And trust me! IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! Hope you guys enjoy! Xoxoxoxo ;)

Nicki let up on the brake, as the officer motioned her to proceed. Everyone tried to look as calm and normal as possible, Even though they knew something was bound to go wrong. "Good Afternoon everyone." The Male officer said, Flashing the light through the car. "Good Afternoon Officer." Everyone said in a sort of ensemble. "License and registration ple-... OH MY GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!! YOUR NIC-! YOUR NICKI- MI-MI-MINAJ!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!" The officer said. Now exposing his very feminine side. Everyone in the car erupted in laughter as they watched the officer spazz. "OH MY GOD!NICKI! I FUCKING LOVE YOU!! CAN I PLEEEEASSEE HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH!?" The officer asked, pulling out his book. Shaking uncontrollably. "Of course you can babe. Who am i making this out to?" Nicki said with her million dollar smile. Grasping the pen and book. " It doesn't matter. I Wouldnt give a fuck if you put a dot!! I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!....... OH MY GOD!!! IS THAT SB!!!???!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" The officer screamed. Still spazzing. "Waddup, Wadduuuup!" SB said, nodding his head. "OMG!!! SB I LOVE YOU MAN!!! THE MOST IGNORANT NIGGA ON THE PLANET!!" the officer replied. Ashley and Drake looked at each other and shook their heads, laughing afterwards. "Here you go babe." Nicki said, handing the officer his, Now, autographed book. "Thank you so much Nicki. This means everything to me!" The officer said sincerely. "Awwwww. No problem babe. So are we done here? or do you still need  to see my-" Nicki responded, before getting cut off. "No Nicki. You go on ahead with your day love. I don't even know why they have my ass out here checking cars and shit. I need to be in the club!" The officer said, laughing afterwards. Everyone laughed. "Haha. Good luck with that babe. And thanks again." Nicki replied. "No! THANK YOU! im going to remember this moment for the rest of my life. Now you go on and enjoy the rest of this beautiful night. You hear me." The officer said, looking into Nicki's eyes. "Thank you babe. You to!" And with that Nicki drove off.
"WOW! That was a crazy. Haha" Nicki stated. " Hell Yea! Damn Nicki. Does that always happen every time you go out? Fuckin, people bout to have heart attacks and shit?!" Ashley said, laughing. Nicki Laughed. "Well you knooooowww. What can i say? I mean, Im Nicki Minaj!" Nicki replied in her british accent. Which was so adorable. Just then Drake chimed in. " You know Nicki, Your best friend is back here asleep on my damn shoulder!!!" He tried to get SB Off of his shoulder by nudging at him, but he got no response. SB Just lay their, Head rested on Drake's shoulder. " Hahahahahaha!!!! Awwwww, isn't that just the cutest thing??" Nicki and ashley said together as they chuckled. Drake Looked at Nicki And Ashley with furrowed brows. " GET OFF ME MAN!!!" Drake screamed in SB's ear. Causing him to jump in anxiety.  He looked at Drake, his head spinning. " THE FUCK YOU YELLIN' FOR NIGGA!?!?" SB Screamed back. " YOU WAS ALL UP ONE ME! I GOTTA WOMAN IIGHT!" Drake replied back, yelling. " I Know one got damn thing, you aint gone have NO Woman if you don't stop yelling in my DAMN Ear!" Nicki said, Looking through the rear view at Drake. "My bad babe. Just tell your buddy over here to keep his distance!" Drake said with a smirk, pointing to SB. Safaree chuckled. "Fuck you man!". They all shared Laughter.

They finally Reached the place SB had wanted to get to for to longest! HOME! As everyone scurried out of the car, Safaree dragged along. His head was still spinning, stomach feeling nautious. Ashley looked back to see Safaree almost about to pass out. She rushed to him, coming to his rescue. She placed his arm around her neck and guided him into the house. "Aww, Ashley you aint gotta-" SB Stated to her before getting cut off. "Hey you two! Were going upstairs. You guys ok right?" Nicki asked. Assuring if her beloved friends were going to be ok for the night. "Uuhhhhh, Duuhhh Nicki. Were not 9!!" Ashley said, Laughing. Nicki looked at her with wide eye's. "Oh, iight! Forget you then! ASSHOLE!" Nicki said, bursting out into laughter afterwards. "I'm just kidding Nicki. Yeah we'll be ok. I got this intoxicated nigga! Go have fun with Drizzy!" Ashley replied. Giving Nicki a wink. Nicki shot her an evil eye. "Yea Nicki. Come have fun with Drizzy." Drake said, Rubbing Nicki's back. " H-H-HELL NAWWW! I Don't feel like hearing yall two horny asses tonight!Take yall asses to BED!" Safaree said, head still spinning. Drake, still holding Nicki's Back, Tried to push Nicki up stairs. Knowing she was gunna say something. "Safaree! At least i have someone to get it FROM! Just let me know when you need some more Tissue and lotion kay! Night!" And with that Nicki and Drake went upstairs. They both sat their in silence before ashley bursted out into laughter. "Onika is NOT funny!" SB Said, getting up from the couch and stumbling over to the kitchen.
Safaree open the fridge and got him out an ice cold bottle of water. He gulped it down slowly, letting the cool refreshing liquid glide down his throat. "Awwwwwww. Dont feel bad Faree. I'm sure your not the only one who uses Tissue and lotion. I mean i bet there are many more guys who use it. Hey! Maybe even more than you!" Ashley stated to SB, caressing his muscular arm. SB Looked into her eye's."So you got jokes huh?" He said, moving closer to Ashley. "Haha. Don't i always?" Ashley replied, standing still. The look in safaree's eyes was gentle. "Well i got a joke for you."

"Drake, Thank you so much for what you did for me today. It was really thoughtful......... Even though you almost killed me." Nicki said, as she began taking off her jewelry. "Nicki, i wish you'd stop thanking me. I Love you girl! I'll do what ever it takes to make you happy. You know that....... And i did not try to kill you. I thought you were tougher than that. Haha" Drake replied, coming out of the bathroom. "I am tough! You just scared the shit outta me!" Nicki shot back, laughing. Drake sat on the bed as he watched Nicki undress. Admiring her beauty at every angle. He seen she was struggling with her dress so he decided to give a helping hand. He walked up behind her and held her gently. "Im sorry baby. It'll never happen again, i promise. now do you need some help?" Drake asked, kissing Nicki's ear. Nicki stood their taking in his warm embrace and gentle kisses. It made her tingle inside but also alert. Nicki still wasn't ready for THAT yet. "Yes, please." Nicki said, turning around to face Drake. Drake raised his brow's. Stunned at what Nicki just said. " WITH THE DRESS AUBREY! THE DRESS!!" Nicki said, answering Drakes eyes. They both began to laugh. "Oh, i knew that." Drake replied.


"Safaree, your drunk! STOP!" Ashley whispered, backing away from SB. "Ashley! Me and you both know we want this! Come on! We've been fighting each other all of our lives! There has always been something between us! You know it." Safaree replied, moving closer and closer to Ashley. Ashley didn't want to hear what Safaree had to say, even though she knew most of it was true. Of course she had feelings for SB, but she didn't want them to be exposed this way! Safaree was intoxicated, and that was the main reason he was speaking like this and Ashley knew it. She wasn't about to put her heart on the line for something that might be a lousy one night stand! If she and Safaree were going to get together, she wanted it to be serious! " Safaree, your drunk! Your just saying this because your drunk!! Please stop!" Ashley cried, terrified. SB was beginning to get aggressive. He cornered Ashley, roaming her body without her permission. "Ashley you know you want it, stop fighting!" . The look in his eye's scared Ashley. It was a look she had never seen before. She looked into his eye's and could tell something was not right. She continued to try and fight him off but she got no where. Push after push! punch after punch! she continued. Safaree got a good grip on her arms and pinned them to the wall. Ashley was unable to break from his strong grip. Safaree leaned in and crammed his tongue into Ashley's mouth. Ashley began to cry hysterically as she felt his tongue roam her's. She couldn't believe what Safaree was doing. She was lost, scared! Safaree had let up, breathing heavily. He seen the look in Ashley's blazing red teary eye's, and gave a devilish smirk. "What's wrong? Too rough?" He mumbled, his head unsteady. He let one hand go, and moved it to Ashley's thigh. Ashley's heart began to race as his hands slowly slid up her dress. Somehow Ashley was able to untangle herself from his powerful grip, and slapped him with all her strength! SB lost his balance and Ashley ran for the door. She was free.......

"Babe what are you doing?" Drake yelled, as he layed in the bed, watching one on Nicki's Judge Judy tapes. " I'm almost done! Hush Up!" Nicki replied. Nicki had just got done taking a shower. She and Drake had decided to just snuggle up and discuss their trip, while watching Judge Judy. Nicki was soooo excited about this trip she had already packed her bags and everything! As she came out the bathroom, she brought an aroma of Chloe perfume with her. "Its about time!" Drake said, pulling the cover's back for her. She cut him an evil eye. "Oh shut up! I'll be right back. I'm going to check on Safaree and Ashley!" She said, putting on her pink footies. "Nicki, They said they would be fine!" Drake replied. "So what!" And with that she left the room. As she walked down the stairs she called Ashley and Safaree, but got no answer. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs she seen safaree sitting on the floor. His head in his hands. He looked like he had been crying. Nicki walked over to him and flicked his head. "Where's Ashley drunk?" Nicki said, smiling. Safaree looked up and shook his head. "Im so sorry Nicki! Im so sorry!........

- Hope it was worth the wait! Stay tuned! Xoxo

Friday, July 22, 2011

Keeping It A Secret : Part 1

Hello!Hello!Hello! :) This is just a little something to keep you guyz occupied until Monday! I Hope you all enjoy! Muuuuuuuuah! ♥

"Did you really have to call her a disrespectful Bitch tho Faree?" Nicki said, gasping for air, as she laughed her little heart out. "Aye! The bitch had it coming! Cutting off Mama M like that! That hoe didn't realize she was talking to the mother of NICKI-FUCKING-MINAJ!?!? She lucky she ain't get a foot up her ass!" SB said, with slurred words. They were now heading home, after dropping off Ms.Carol who needed to pick up more things for her stay at Nicki's house, but she would be reunited with her daughter the following day. Drake sat in the back with SB, Ashley sat in the passenger seat, While Nicki drove. SB was pretty drunk so Drake accompanied him to make sure he didn't do anything stupid. "SAFAREE! Stop touching my damn hair!! You aint gone pay to get it done, SO HANDS OFF!" Ashley said, Turning around to address SB. "AAAAINT NOOOOBOOODY TOOOUCHIN' YOOO NAPPY ASS HEAD RAGEDY ANNE! NOW TURN YO ASS AROUND FO DADDY TEACH YOU A LESSON!" SB stated, playfully smacking the side of Ashley's thigh. Nicki Looked at Drake through her rear view mirror and cought his eye. They Both couldn't help but to burst out into laughter. Ashley Gave them all an evil glare and responded with "Fuck You Guyz!" They All Laughed. "Awwwww. Ashley. Im sorry babe!" Nicki said, trying to suffocate her laugh. "Yea Ashley. Were sorry. Haha!" Drake said, agreeing with Nicki. "Whatever!" Ashley responded. Ashley was a very sensitive girl. She was like that since Nicki and SB knew her. Always taking playful stuff to heart. Always crying over little things. But that was Nicki and SB best friend. They didnt care how she act or how sensitive she was. They loved her for her and that was it. And even though SB still jokes around with Ashley, he tries to make it very clear to her that he's NEVER serious. He just hoped SHE knew that.

As they pulled up to a stop light. They could see the police doing road checks up ahead. "Aw man! These niggas doing road checks and shit.... Well we ain't got nun to worr-" Drake stated before he actually remembered he was sitting next to a very intoxicated Safaree. And very ignorant at that! "Ayo! SB man, when we pull up here dont say shit! iight!?" Drake said, Attempting to make eye contact. "Now what could i Pooooossibly say wrong big man!? Im good!! Trust me!" SB Responded, head wobbling. #PAUZ Nicki and Ashley turned around and just shook their heads. They new this wasn't gunna turn out good.

-Stay Tuned! xoxo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love And Happiness : Part 2

Ashley. :)
"Babe...... Whats wrong?" Nicki asked turning her smile into a confused look. She seen the same look upon Ashley's face and began to get worried. "Woah! Okay did i miss something here?!" Nicki said now starting to wonder. Drake still hadn't said anything but Ashley did. "Uh. Nicki..... i haved to go." Ashley spoke out. Gathering her bags and storming out,as she left a trail of tears behind. She had this look on her face, as if her heart had been ripped out of her chest, and stomped on. Nicki never seen her look or act that way and she was concerned. She flew out the store following Ashley. Ashley wasn't too far ahead so Nicki was able to catch up pretty quickly.Nicki, breathing heavily, finally caught up to Ashley, grabbing a hold of her shoulder. Ashley turned around to Nicki still sobering. She Looked Nicki in the eyes, and flew into her arms. Nicki, now comforting Ashley with her warm embrace, spoke out to her. "Ashley..... Babe, please tell me whats wrong." Nicki exclaimed with a sympathetic voice. The tears that were in Ashley's throat were preventing her from responding. Not too soon after Nicki had spoken. Big Dream and Swole ,Excluding Drake, had came rushing up behind Nicki, Grabbing her. Nicki turned around and looked up to them,refusing to let go of Ashley. "TAKE US HOME!" Nicki said, looking away from them and back to a sobering Ashley. "NOW!"
The ride back to Nicki's house was silent. Drake was no where to be found, and he took the truck. So They rode in Swole's car. With Big Dream, following behind with a car full of merchandise. Nicki kept a good hold on Ashley the whole way there, trying to ease her anonymous pain. Once they had reached Nicki's house, Nicki and Ashley hopped out. They headed right upstairs to Nicki's room, leaving Big Dream and Swole with the bags. Once they were upstairs Nicki had gotten Ashley something to drink. She gave Ashley the refreshment, and waited for her to calm down. Nicki let Ashley have a little time to herself before going straight to the point. As Nicki closed her bedroom door, leaving Ashley to collect herself, she went down the hall to the guest room, trying to reach Drake. Of course she was worried about Ashley, but Drake was just as important.She tried calling him multiple times but she got no answer. She began to get worried, because she had clue what was going on. She was lost. As she gave up on the last try of calling Drake, she sat on the edge of the bed and took a deep breath. She was trying to make sense of everything that had took place from the mall, to here. Once she replayed all the events that took place, over and over again, she got an understanding. "The way they both began looking at each other, was extremely awkward. It was like they knew each other from previous events. Like they da-t-ed be-fore.!" Nicki's eyes got wide as she thought about what she had just said. It was all making sense to her now. "Ashley's move to Toronto... Drake living in Toronto... The way they were looking at each other..... Drake disappearing without notifying anyone!!" was Nicki's thoughts. "OMG!! They have dated before!!! And it must have been a serious relationship if this is what happens when they seen each other." Nicki stood up holding her head back and running her fingers through her hair. She began pacing the floor, but got interrupted by a knock on the door. "Come in!" Nicki said, giving permission. It was Swole. "Nicki all your bags are in the house. Oh and there's some one down stairs to see you." He said, giving his hand in guidance. Nicki took his hand, confused as she walked. As she passed by her room the door was open and there was no one in there. "Swole, where's Ashley?" Nicki asked. "Oh Don't worry about it. She's fine. Swole said, giving Nicki a convincing smile. As Swole led Nicki down the stairs Nicki could not believe what she was seeing. Her heart got choked up by her throat. "MOMMY! ASHLEY! DRAKE! OMG!!!............. what the hell is going on here!?" Nicki asked standing in front of her family, who were all standing right next to each other as if they were hiding something, in amazement! Ashley was just a smiling as so was everybody else! "Hi Nicki!" Ashley waved, showing a million dollar smile! "Hi Baby!" Ms. Carol spoke out with. "Hi Babe!" Drake said as he moved to the side. And out popped SB. "HI ONIKA!" SB said, holding out his arms for entrance. Nicki's eyes grew wide. Sparkling with joy, and excitement. She flew into SB's arms, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "FAREEEEEEEE!!!!!!OMG!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" Nicki squealed with excitement. "Well.. Why dont you ask him!" SB said, pointing to Drake. Nicki looked at Drake with a devious but sweet smile. "I Knew you had something to do with this! And yet, im upstairs thinking you and Ashley knew each other, and have dated in the past years. L0l. I-" Nicki was cut off by different types of "WHATS!" and "NO WAY!'s".  As they all began to put in their own comments, Nicki stopped them. "OK! OK!! But what i wanna know is....... WHY THE HECK ARE YALL HERE!............ not meaning to be disrespectful." Nicki said, following it up with a chuckle. Everyone looked at Drake and waited for him to explain. "Aw so yall just gone leave me hanging like dat!? lol............ I wasntdont care who planned it.......... As long as someone TELLS ME!" Nicki said, with a smile. "Ok, well since this is gunna be a long story. How about we have a seat first." Ms. Carol said, as she led everyone into the living room. Everyone sat down and made themselves comfortable, While Drake helped SB wag his things to the guest room. Nicki, Ashley, and Ms. Carol were all sitting downstairs, waiting on them and conversating. "Thanks Man." SB said, dapping Drake up. "No problem." Drake said, exiting the room. SB stopped him. "And Drake i really appreciate you being here for Nicki, while i was gone. It means a lot." SB said, while having a good grip on Drakes shoulder. "Aw man, don't mind it. I'll always be here for Nicki no matter what." Drake said, sincerely. "Iight cool............ Just promise me something man." SB said, with seriousness in his eyes. "What is it?" Drake responded. "Just..............Don't hurt Nicki man. She's been through more than enough with fucked up relationships. I mean i love that girl like my sister.And i just can't see her like that again." SB exclaimed. "Aw man, you aint neva gotta worry about that. I love Nicki with all my heart. I aint like them nigga's she had before. I love Onika. And imma try my hardest to keep her happy. But got my word. Iight." Drake stated, with passion. "But foreal doe, I Aint know SB, Da most ignorant nigga of them all, Was all soft and shit." Drake stated, chuckling in between words. "Aw naw nigga, Neva dat!" SB said, laughing, Then playfully slapping Drake. "AW YOU WANNA GO!" Drake yelled, Playfully moving his fist around, acting as if he was ready to fight. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YALL DOING UP THERE!! C'MON!!" Nicki yelled from the bottom of the stair case. SB And Drake froze and began laughing. "Man you need to control yo woman! Got her around her bossin you around and shit!" SB Said, following up with laughter. "Niggas, have u felt Nicki's punches lately!?" Drake said, laughing ans he led SB down the stairs. "Two black coons, acting a fool!" Nicki said, shaking her head as she walked back to the couch. SB whispered "Black Coons" to himself , and spoke out. "Yea dats rite!! "BC,s" run dis!!". Drake just looked at him and laughed. You a damn - I mean.... You crazy man!" Drake said, but corrected himself once he noticed Ms. Carol was in the room. Drake never cursed in front of his elders, and he really wasn't gunna do it in front of Nicki's mom. He still wanted to show Her that he was great for her daughter and that wasn't gunna work if he's over here calling people "Damn Fools" and what not. He just had to control his mouth. Drake plopped down next to Ms.Carol and spoke. "Ahem, And Nicki i dont think you should be cursing in front of my future mother in law! It's not polite." Drake said, giving Ms.Carol a million dollar smile, but receiving a not so nice look from Nicki. "Yes Nicki, i totally agree with Drake. WATCH YOUR DAMN MOUTH!" Ms.Carol stated. SB and Ashley Began to laugh under their breath, but stopped when they seen Nicki glaring at them. "Drake dont be tryna suck up!!! And you gettin me in trouble while doing it! Guess who's gunna be sleeping on the couch tonite." Nicki said, glaring at Drake. Drake gasped and put on a puppy dog face. "OK! Now back to what we are here for! Why are yall here? Nicki said, smiling. Everyone turned and focused their attention on Drake. "Well..... Since you know were going on vacation soon. I thought we might need a house sitter, and who better to sit your house then Your mom! And your two bestfriends?" Drake stated. "AWWWWWW!......... BUT WAIT HOW DID YOU GUYZ FIND ASHLEY!!! I HAVEN'T TALKED TO HER SINCE I WAS A TEEN!" Nicki said, smiling at Ashley. Well thats where i come in at!" Ms. Carol stated, raising her hand.She began to speak.  "When Drake called me and was telling me about all of this, the next day i get a call from Safaree telling me how he has gotten back in touch with Ashley, and she wants to come see me and you. So after that, i called Drake and asked him did he mind if your best friend came along with me, and he said it would be great, but he wanted to make it a surprise, as you can see, and the rest was left up to Drake." Nicki was just still in shock, that they did this. But most of all,She was shocked in how they got back in touched with Ashley. "But wait. What about Safaree? Faree, i know you didnt leave your mo-" Nicki began, but got cut off. "No Nicki, my mom is doing fine now. The doctors said she is in great health. So after i made sure she was comfortable at home and such, my sister came over and told me to LEAVE! lol. Yea, just like that. They told me that i have done enough and to go home and relax. So, i called homey ova here and told him to keep it a surprise for you, but he told me what he was working on himself, so all in all, IT WORKED OUT PERFECTLY!" SB said, dapping up Drake. Nicki just sat their smiling, with joy jumping all around inside her. (#PAUZ). She just couldn't believe Drake thought to do this all for her. And she knew it just wasn't so her family could sit her house. Drake did it because he knew she was still kind of worried and upset about the whole exposing of their relationship, and he wanted to make her happy. He knew that getting her best friend that she hasn't seen in ages, would have done the trick, so that's what he.... well him and Ms.Carol did. "Omg! Drake i can't believe you did this for me. This is so sweet and thoughtful. I love you sooo much!" Nicki said, getting up and jumping into Drakes lap, planting a kiss on his cheek. She was gonna save the rest for later. (Hehe). "But wait!! I understand you guyz did all of this for a surprise, but..... WHY DID YALL HAVE TO MAKE IT SO NERVE WRECKING! I mean... Ashley, were'd did you learn how to cry like that! I mean, just off the spot!! You had me scared to death!" Nicki said, chuckling in between words."Im sorry Nicki, but i had to make it look real right? I just started acting when i moved away. That was the only way i could keep myself busy. And as you can see, Ive gotten pretty good at it." Ashley said, smiling afterwards. Nicki walked over to Ashley and slapped her shoulder. Everyone laughed.  "OW! Nicki! What was that for?" Ashley said, playfully pushing Nicki. "Cuz your a meanie! Scaring me like that!" Nicki said, putting on a pouty face. "Awwwwwww, im sorry Nicki, but Drake said make it real so......" Ashley said, pointing to Drake. "WELL ENOUGH OF THIS! im starving! lets go get some food. Who's up for it?" Drake said serious, but mostly trying to change the subject. Everyone agreed and got up to go get themselves ready. Nicki went to show Ms. Carol and Ashley were they would be sleeping and Drake and SB carried the luggage up behind. Ashley kept going on and on about how beautiful the house was and how she was soo glad to be back with Nicki. Nicki showed her mom her room first and left her to get ready. Drake and SB went about their business and left Nicki and Ashley. Nicki helped Ashley put all of her stuff away while they conversated. "Well Ash, im gunna go get ready ok. Just come to my room if you need any help k." Nicki said, exiting the room. Ashley stopped her and puled her into a strong hug. "Ive missed you so much Nicki." Ashley said, still holding on to Nicki. Nicki smiled as a tear of joy escaped her eye. "Ive missed you too Ashley." Nicki stated. They both let each other go and to her room Nicki went. "Draaaake." Nicki sung out, closing her bedroom door behind her. "What i do now!?' Drake yelled from the bathroom. Nicki giggled, as she walked into the bathroom. "You haven't done anything but be the best boyfriend a girl could ever have!" Nicki said, hopping on the counter, and planting a kiss on Drake's lips. "Welllllll, I try my best you know." Drake said, smiling afterwards, then grabbing Nicki by her waist. Pulling her in for another kiss. Nicki pulled away and looked into Drake's eyes. "I love Drake." "I love you more Nicki. Now lets stop frolicking around so you can get ready! I haved to get my future Mother in law fed." Drake said, kissing Nicki on the forehead before leaving. Nicki Gasped. "What about me!" she whined. "Oh don't worry about that. Your gunna have some fine desserts tonight." Drake said winking at Nicki. Making her blush. "Drake why you gotta be so nasty!?" Nicki said giggling. "Oh if what you think i do now is nasty, then i must be FILTHY!" Drake said, licking his lips, which sent chills down Nicki's spine. She shook her head and threw a towel at him. "Close the door! lol" Nicki said, hopping of the counter. She turned on the shower, to a hot but relaxing temperature, undressed and then got in.

"There aren't any more wash towels in here. Shit!" Ashley said, exiting her room. She knocked on who she thought was Nicki's door but it turned out to be SB's room.  "What you want!" SB said, playfully. "Nigga you betta come again!" Ashley said, with a smirk on her face. "Ok ..................... What you want, Ashley.?" SB responded. Ashley rolled her eyes as she spoke again. "I need a towel!" "For what?" SB said, wanting to irritate Ashley. "JUST GIVE ME A TOWEL!" Ashley yelled. "Don't be yellin at me iight!" SB said, before turning around to get Ashley what she asked for. "Well maybe if you did what the hell i asked you the first time, i wouldn't have to yell." Ashley mumbled to herself. "A BIG TOWEL OR A WASH TOWEL?" SB yelled from the bathroom. Ashley walked into his room and responded. "WASH!". Ashley stood their tapping her foot waiting on him. Ashley and Safaree also are very close. Back then it was always just Him,Ashley,and Nicki. And SB and Ashley always did have a thing for each other but never did wanna show it. But Nicki always could tell. "Here big head!" SB said, chucking the towel at Ashley. "What took yo ass so long! Next time HURRY UP!" Ashley said, with a smirk. "Yea wateva! You betta be lucky i got yo butt anything!" SB said, following Ashley to the door, with a smile. "Boy you know you loooove me!" Ashley said, teasing him. "Haha! Yea.............. But Ashley, im glad to see you again. Its been a long time." SB said, sincerely. Ashley smiled. "Awwwwwwwwww. You getting soft now Faree?" Ashley said, poking SB in his abdomen. "WTF!! Thats the second time somebody then said that to me!! A "BC" cant have a damn heart!?" SB said, laughing. Ashley looked at SB and shook her head. " "BC"?? LAWD! Look what Nicki done did!" Ashley said, busting out in laughter afterwards. "She looked into SB's eyes and responded. "Its good to see you again too Faree."   They parted their ways.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love And Happiness

*Sigh*. Nicki pulled her head up slowly to look at Drake. "No, Not yet babe." She said softly. "I just want us to take our time you know. I want our 1st time to be special." She said, snuggling closer to Drake's chest. At this point they were laying on the bed and Nicki continued to speak. "Yea i understand babe." Drake said pulling Nicki closer. "I want, candles,rose pedals,strawberries,whip cream,chocolate syrup," She gave Drake a sexy look and licked her lips. Nicki kept going on, before she was interrupted. "Oh word???? I see you baby. You got a lil freak in you huh?" Nicki looked at him and laughed. "You'll see when that time comes. And if imma freak, then so are you! Cause basically everything i just named, you got downstairs rite now! So #SitYoAssDoooowwwwnnnnn!" Drake gave Nicki a seductive look, and began to respond. "Baby i neva said i wasn't a freak!" Nicki couldn't help but to burst out into laughter. "Drake you are too much!" Nicki said, holding her stomach trying to ease the pain. "That's not good! Cause if im too much, then how u gone handle me when that time comes?" Drake said, wiggling his eyebrows up and down. "Don't you worry about that. I can do things you aint neva seen before okay." Nicki said, teasing him. Placing her velumpciuous lips against his, before getting up and running to the bathroom. "Where you goin babe??" Drake said, clearing his throat, that Nicki just made dry with her words. "Gotta tinkle." Nicki stated in her sweet baby voice. Drake shook his head and laid back on the bed. His face lit up with joy and excitement. Words couldn't explain how happy he was now that he and Nicki discussed an issue that had been taunting him since they started dating, and even before that, when he fantasized. (lol) He was also happy that he had just planned a vacation for them to get away from all the madness that just happened the day before. Now all he had to do was present her with the astonishing news,and let the rest have it. As Drake heard the toilet flush, he hopped to his feet. Positioning himself at the door waiting on Nicki to open it. "WTF Drake!" Nicki said startled, and looked at him like he was stupid. Drake just laughed. He knew that what he was about to tell Nicki, was gonna make her spazz out. "Babe, haven't you ever wanted to go to Hawaii? No better yet the Bahama's." Drake said, giving Nicki a cute grin. "Of course! Just Never had the time to you know." Nicki said, making her way back to the bed. Drake followed behind her. "Oh that's too bad.................... Well now you can! So get packing." Drake said, hopping to his feet and walking to Nicki's closet. Nicki sat in the bed looking confused. She hopped to her feet and followed Drake. "Drake? What are you talking about?" She asked but kind of already knew what he was getting at. "WERE GOING ON A VACATION BABE!!!!!" Drake yelled. Grabbing Nicki and embracing her with a huge hug. " Drake, You better not be bull shitting me!" Nicki said, giving Drake "The Look". Drake laughed before responding. "Nicki. I'm serious. Were going to Hawaii and then the Bahama's for a couple days!" Drake said, with a huge smile on his face. But it dropped once he noticed Nicki's expression upon her face. "Babe! What's wrong? Don't you wanna go and get away from all this mess?" Drake said, with a sad expression. "Of course i wanna go, but." Nicki stopped. "But what???" Drake said, now coming closer to Nicki. Drake put his hand under Nicki's chin to make eye contact. Nicki's face became distressed. "BUT............. I NEED TO GO SHOPPING FIRST!!!!!!" Nicki said, giving Drake memorable hugs,kisses,thank you's, and i love you so much's. Drake sighed of relief, because he thought Nicki was gunna turn down his offer. As Nicki composed herself. She glanced across the closet and spotted the Versaci lingerie set, and Versaci pumps Drake had gotten her, for what was supposed to be a special night. She had taken it off so she wouldn't get it ruffled up, and placed it back in the closet for a more special moment. As Nicki walked over to the lingerie set and the pumps. Drake's eyes followed her. Nicki took them into her hand and began to speak, while Drake was making his way over to her. "Well........ Look like this is coming with me!" She said, smiling at Drake. "And what are you gunna do with that?" Drake asked, biting Nicki's ear and holding her waist. Nicki bit her lip. "I don't know. Maybe it could come in handy!" Nicki said, giving Drake "The Look" (Not the one before) that made him tremble inside. Nicki always knew how to keep Drake going, and he loved it! "Well in that case. Imma need to go pick up some more!" Drake stated, before planting a kiss on Nicki's soft lips. After the 5minute's they spent kissing. Nicki looked into Drake's eyes and seen LOVE! Of course she loved Drake but this love that she just seen was special! She didn't know what it meant but she was sure enough eager to find out! After Nicki was done examining the love that she had seen in Drake's eyes. She began to get tired! It was 12:04, and usually by now. Her and Drake would be cuddled up next to each other! Or knocked out. "You okay babe?" Drake said, intertwining his hand with hers. Drake was so sweet. "Yea i'm okay. I'm just exhausted! Can you carry me to bed daddy?" Nicki asked in her baby voice while producing cirlcles on his shirt with her pink nails. "Hahaha. Anything for my queen." Drake said, sweeping Nicki off her feet and placing her on the bed. "Thank you." Nicki said, making herself comfortable. "Your welcome babe. I'll be back. gotta tinkle!" Drake said, mocking Nicki from earlier. Nicki just plopped her head back on the pillow and laughed! As Drake came out from doing his business. He seen a peacefully sleeping Nicki layed on the bed. Snuggled up in the blanket. Drake walked over and placed a kiss on her for head. Before jumping in bed with her. He just stared at Nicki. Thanking the great lord up above for bringing him this beautiful angel sleeping upon him. He was greatful. "Stop staring at me. It's kinda creepy!" Nicki said, flicking his nose. " Hahahaha . You lil faker. But im sorry babe! I just can't help it. Your just so..... Beautiful. It's pathetic." Drake said, caressing Nicki's face. A huge smile appeared on Nicki's face. "I love you Drake!" Nicki said, looking into his eyes sincerely. "I love you too Nicki! More than you can ever imagine!" Drake said, still caressing her soft Chloe perfume scented skin. "I know. Now lets get some sleep! We gotta go shopping tomorrow. Remember?" Nicki said, pecking his lips before snuggling up to him and closing her eye's. "Your wish is my command." Drake said, kissing her for head. He joined her in a peaceful sleep.

The Next morning................

 "Babe, come on!! You need to get up! We have to go!" Nicki said, hitting Drake in his head with her fluffy pink pillow that she had gotten from one of her beloved fans. Nicki repeated this until Drake responded with. "Nicki. If you hit me with that damn pillow one more time! Imma-" Drake was cut off. "Your gunna what?" Nicki said, giving him "The Look" while placing her hands on her hips. "I'm gunna do this!" Drake said, while playfully pulling Nicki on top of him. "Drake! Hahahaha Stop! hahahaha.Let me go!" Nicki said, gasping for air. "You promise your not gonna hit me again?" Drake said, still tickleing Nicki. "YES!YES!YESSS! Im gonna stop!"Nicki said, kicking and punching the air trying to get away. As Drake released her. Nicki fell straight to the ground. "*Gasp* Thancks a lot Drake for releasing me safely!" Nicki said sarcasticly, Getting up. Drake was just laughing his ass off. Trying to catch his breath. "ITS NOT FUNNY COCK ROCKET!" Nicki said, making a pouty face. "LOL. Im sorry babe." Drake said, sitting up, kissing Nicki's lips. "Yeah! You should be!Now can you please get up and get dressed so we can go?!" Nicki said,looking up into his eyes and hugging his waist. "Okay.Okay. I'll be done in like an hour." Drake said, making his way to the bathroom. "AN HOUR? Nigga you betta make it 30min!" Nicki said, with her hands on her hips. Nicki was a fiesty lil lady! "Okay! i'll be done in 2 hours." Drake said, nonchalantly. "DRAKE!!!!!" Nicki yelped. "Hahaha. I'm just kidding babe.I'll be done as soon as i can." Drake replied.

Nicki began making her way downstairs, after grabbing her phone,keys, and other such necessities. As she walked down the stairs,A spotless living room came into view.As she made her way to the kitchen, she noticed that was spotless aswell. "I don't remember cleaning lastnight." Nicki whispered to herself. But then "He" came in mind. Nicki just smiled to herself while taking in the sweet aroma of lavender from last night. She remembered every little detail,action,and movement. She was just so lucky to have a man that was like Drake. He had his own characteristics. His own swagg. Drake's characteristics just could never compare to anyone else.And thats what Nicki admired about him the most! As she opened the fridge to find something to snack on before they left.She spotted all the desserts from last night. Her eyes went bizerk, as they jumped from the Chocolate covered strawberries,and bounced to the cup cakes that were never touched. Nicki was very tempted. But she knew that wasn't a good idea. She had an experience when she was younger about eating sweets for breakfast.(l0l) She couldnt sit down,She wouldnt go to sleep for like 2 days,And she was just bouncing off the walls. She told herself she would never do it again. But she was grown now,and she was just sooo............ tempted. As she reached for the cupcake,she jumped at the sound of  Drake's loud voice. "UH-UH-UHHHH! you know what sweets do to you Onika!" Drake blurted out,sounding like her father. "SO!" Nicki said, with a cupcake in one hand and her phone in the other. "SO............ Put it back!" Drake said, walking over to Nicki trying to remove the cupcake. But Nicki snatched away. "ONIKA TANYA MARAJ! If you don't give me that cupcake!" Drake said, now chasing Nicki around the bar. They were running and laughing at the same time.Nicki began to run out of breath so she stopped, making Drake run into her.They both collapsed to the ground dying of laughter. "And i still got my cupcake! NA!" Nicki said,sticking out her toungue. "Nicki! You can have as many cupcakes as you want.But just remember i warned you!" Drake said,playfully but serious at the same time. Nicki just laughed. "Drake! that was 18 years ago!!! I'm pretty sure i know how to controll my sugar intake by now!" Nicki said,chuckling in between words before taking a bite out of the cupcake. "So....... You wanted me to hurry up so we can go, but now you wanna lay on the floor and eat cupcakes?*L0L*Make up ya mind woman!!" Drake said, waving his hands in the air. "You know what!" Nicki said, giving him "The Look". "NO! what?" Drake said leaning his head toward Nicki's to get a finger full of icing on his nose. "Aye! Nicki com'on!!" Drake said,hesitating to remove the icing off of his nose. "I'm sorry babe, let me get that for you." Nicki said, before removing the icing with her mouth. "Oh word??" Drake said, raising his eyebrows and getting excited. "What? You weren't gunna take it off soo......." Nicki said, placing herself on her feet. Drake repeated the movement, and then imbraced Nicki with a big hug. "What was that for?" Nicki said, looking at drake confused. "I don't know......... Just for being Onika Tanya Maraj,the most beautiful girl in the world. My Girl! Nicki just looked at him and smiled. "Drake. Your just so sweet! I love you!" Nicki said, before placing a gentle kiss on his lips. "Now lets go!" Nicki said, gathering her things and tossing the cupcake in the trash. They were on there way.

The ride to the stores were very talkative. They shared conversation about what the trip was going to be like.And how much fun it was gunna be, as well as the activities. Nicki just was so anxious to get away! She just knew it was gunna be amazing! Especially since she was gunna be with her boo. "Yea! Big dream we bout to pull in da parking lot rite now. Meet us in lot B iight." Drake stated, as he parked the car. "Big dream needa step his bodyguard game up!!! Got me waitin in a parking lot! Fuck wrong with him?" Nicki hissed, shaking her head, while fidgiting in her purse. Drake just looked at her and laughed. "So babe. What you gunna get in here?" Drake said, while reading a text. "I don't know. Clothes,Jewelery,Bikini's,Clothes,Shoes,Clothes,And.......................... Oh yea! That new perfume by Mariah - Forever. Yea dat shit smells AMAZING!" Nicki stated, while looking in her mirror,and applying more of her "Pink Friday" lipstick. That's something Nicki could just not leave out the house without. She had to have it! "But Daddy. You know when we go in here its going to be fucking hectic!!! I mean i probobly wont even be able to shop! And now that the whole entire world know Drake is my man! This shopping trip is going to be really ............................... INTERESTING!" Nicki said, with tons of hand movements. "Your man huh? I like the way that sounds coming out of your mouth."(Pauz) Drake said expressing his feeling with a kiss. Once Drake let Nicki's lips free, They heard a knock on the window. Drake rolled down the window to see It was Big Dream. "Alright love birds! Let's go!" Stated Big Dream. Nicki looked at him like he was stupid and stated, "Nigga! I know yo ass aint rushing nobody!!! Had me sitting in this damn parking lot for fucking 30minutes!!! Next time we give you a specific time to be somewhere! Please follow the directions!!! Is that understood!! Nicki hissed! "Yes Ma'am." Big Dream said, with a understanding look. He was kinda of used to this though. He always seemed to do something wrong in Nicki's eyes that made him get cursed out, or embarrased by her. He just had to suck it up and do what he was told, because he actually did love his job. As Big Dream helped Nicki out the car, Drake was getting prepared for what he was about to see as they walked into the mall. "Come on babe!" Nicki said, trying to see what he was doing. Drake hopped out of the car and they began walking to the mall entrance.

"NICKIIII!" "OMG! IT IS TRUE!" "SHE'S IS SOOO FUCKING HOT!" "DRAKE I LOOVE YOU!" NICKI CAN YOU SIGN MY BOOB!" "DRAKE! I WANNA HAVE YO BABY!" Were the things Nicki and Drake heard as they made their way into the mall. Lights flashing.People everywhere. Screams. Tuggs and pulls were what they also experienced making their way through the crowd. "NICKI YOU OKAY?" Drake yelled. "IM FINE BABE! JUST KEEP WALKING!" Nicki replied, jumping over Big Dream, and Swole's arms. Swole was another one of their body guards. His name fit his description to a T. "EVERYBODY BAG THE FUCK UP!!!!!!" Big Dream hissed as he tried to protect Nicki And Drake with his best ability! While Nicki was signing Boobs,Caps,Shirts,Faces and everything else. Drake had already made clear from the loving and dangerous fans. He just stood back and watched Nicki kiss and hug her fans. She was soo sweet to her fans.It was like her fans gave her life that nobody else could. Nicki loved her fans to the upmost and Drake always knew it would stay that way. He just loved his woman!!! "I LOVE YOU GUYZ!! #Muah #Muah #Muaaahhh!" Nicki said, as she was forced to leave her fans. The look on her face was priceless! It was a look between hella happy, but sad at the same time. "*Sigh* Swole, you act like i couldnt just have 3 more minutes with my Barbz!!!" Nicki said, playfully rolling her eyes. "Nick! Now you know if we would have given you anymore time. You wouldve took one of them home with yo ass!!" Swole said, folding his arms. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA" They all broke out into laughter!!! "And if i did so what! I cant help how i feel about my barbz!!!!" Nicki said, with a giggle but with lots of emotion. "Thats our point!! you can't help it! So if we would have left you over their any longer, yo ass wouldve adopted some damn kids! and prolly some damn adults!!!" Big Dream said, laughing in between words. Nicki gave him a playful punch while Drake scooped Nicki up in a hug. "Leave my baby alone!!! She just loves her fans that's all!!! And yall nigga's need tah love her fans too. Cuz if it wasn't for those sweet kids! YALL FAT ASSES WOULDNT EVEN BE HERE!!!" Drake stated. Nicki hid her face in Drakes jacket and giggled. "AYE NIGGA!! We aint fat!!! we is muscular iight!!!" Big Dream hissed while Swole nodded! "OH WORD? well can you two muscular niggas do ya job cuz i got shit i need to buy!!!! So lets go!!" Nicki stated while walking away, and the men began to follow.

      "Aye babe! Imma go hit up this store over here with Big Dream. I'll be back in like 10minutes okay." Drake said, kissing Nicki on the cheek. "Okay babe just hurry back cause this is my last store. I got just about everything i need. And my feet are fucking killing me!!!!" Nicki said pointing to the 50 something bags Big Dream And Swole were carrying as well as holding her feet. "L0L. okay babe! i'll be quick i promise." And with that, Drake and Big Dream  were gone, leaving Nicki and Swole with the bags. Mostly swole. "Swole what do you think about this?" Nicki said, holding up a dress to her frail but bodacious body. "UMMM.. Nicki. Do you really need anything else? I mean damn! Im dying ova here!!!" Swole said, quivering from the weight of the tons of bags. Nicki couldn't help but to burst out into laughter! "BWAHAHAHA!!! Im sorry big baby!!!" Nicki said, giggling. "BUT THIS IS WHAT YO ASS GET PAID $450 DOLLARS AN HOUR FOR!!! YOU GOT ALL DEM DAMN MUSCLES ND SHIT!!! USE'EM!!!!" Nicki said, with a jokeful but blunt attitude. Swole just looked away. "I'm just kidding Swole. You know i appreciate you and Big Dream both. I just let my emotions get the best of me." Nicki said, while browsing through more clothes. "Nick i understand. Cause trust me if i didnt. i would have been left yo ass!!!" Swole said, making laughter erupt in both of them. (Pauz) Nicki was still browsing through the clothes, when she noticed a girl who looked very familiar. She didn't want to pay her a lot of attention, because she thought she recognize people everywhere she went. But for some reason she just couldn't let this one go. But hey. She just wasn't walk up to a stranger and start asking her questions. That just wasn't her. But when the familiar girl turned her head. Nicki got a better look, and FREAKED OUT!!!!! "AS-ASH-AASSHHLLEEYY!!!!!!" Nicki said, running towards this now recognized girl!!! When Ashley turned around, she too recognized Nicki, dropped her bags, and then returned the favor. Nicki and Ashley clashed together into a hug!!!!! "OMG!!!!!!!! NICKI!!! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN FUCKING AGES!!!" Ashley said, still attached to Nicki. At this point Nicki was crying. She was just overwhelmed with this amazing,Heart warming, and reuniting feeling. Ashley was Nicki's best friend but more like sister when they were younger. I mean they were like two peas in a pod!! They did everything together!!! But then Ashley moved to Toronto. That really destroyed Nicki!!! I mean yea sure Nicki still had Safaree but, Nicki loved Ashley like a sister!!! She was just devestated and hurt about the whole thing. But after a while she lost contact with Ashley and they haven't talked since. So now that she is reunited it just feels......... AMAZING!!!"OMG!!! Ashley were have you been?" Nicki said, wiping away her tears. Ashley couldn't respond. She just gave Nicki a hug again and they stayed that way until Drake appeared. "HEY NI-Cki. Who's This?" Drake said, coming back earlier than expected. When Nicki and Ashley unattached, they both turned around to Drake. "Babe. This is my BestFriend but mostly sister, Ashley. Ashley this is Drake." Nicki said, sniffing trying to pull herself together. Drake was standing their looking like he seen a ghost! He couldnt believe his eyes!

-@MINAJ_believer: TBC........................ Hehehehehe. sorry it took so long. Stay tuned!! #Muah  :-+

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It's Time (Part 2)

Okay guyz. Sorry for the long wait,but once again.I have been busy. #Pauz. This is the chapter you guyz have been waiting on. And i know its a little short, but i wanted to test something out. Okay this is how its gunna go. After reading this chapter, i want you guyz to vote your answer to the question at the end of this chapter. You may also leave a comment restating what you chose and why you chose it. (Your Choice) But please #Vote! The voting poll should be on the right side of the page, at the top. You should be able to see it. I'm am doing this to get a better understanding of what im gunna do for the next chapter. Once you guyz vote, im gunna be seeing which answer gets chosen the most, and i'll go from there! So the next chapter is basically up to you guyz! So make sure you vote if you want your answer to be chosen for the next chapter. I'll inform you guyz when im gunna update!! So vote away. and enjoy! #MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;P (And think about how Nicki would really react to this situation!! Don't just put yourself in the story. #ThinkLikeNicki .)

As Nicki took his hand to lead him to her bedroom, Drake began to feel guilty. He didn't want Nicki to feel like she had to go back on her word, just because of his desire's. He wanted to make Nicki feel as comfortable as possible with him, and he knew that wouldn't happen if badgered her about having sex. He honestly didn't have any problems with waiting on Nicki. He knew about Nicki's horrible past with relationships, and he promised her it wouldn't be like that with him. He just wanted to make her happy in any way possible. As they reached Nicki's room, she sat Drake on the bed. She looked into his eye's and began to speak. "*Sigh*. Okay, look were gunna talk about this rite now! Drake, i really want you to tell me if this is bothering you! I need to know!" Nicki was really concerned with this issue!! She loved Drake, and she wanted to get his opinion in their relationship, especially when it came down to intimacy. Sure Nicki didn't want to go back on her word, but she also cared about Drake's feelings.It kinda made it better cause Nicki could trust Drake. She knew he was not like those other bastards who did her dirty! Drake was a real man, who she loved and cherished with all her heart. She was just............ torn. "Nicki, it's fine. Really!" Drake said, a little hesitant, still not making eye contact. "Then why can't you look at me, Drake!" Nicki said, her voice filled with sorrow, and tears forming in her eyes. Drake hated to see Nicki cry! When she cried his heart felt like it was cramping. Like he had to make her feel better by any means necessary! He just decided to tell Nicki the truth, instead of lying to her face, because he knew he was making her feel guilty. Drake looked up at a crying Nicki, and began to speak. "*Sigh* Okay babe look. Yea it bothers me. But it doesn't bother me to the point that i want you to go back on your word and do something your not ready to." Nicki jumped in. "But-" Drake stopped her. "But, nothing. If your not ready to take it to the next step, then i can wait! I Love you women! And whatever you feel is best for you, then so do i." Drake said, trying to make Nicki understand was he was saying was true. "But, it's not always about me, Drake! I wanna get your opinions in this relationship to!I don't want you to feel like you have to abide by whatever i say! *Sigh* I don't want you to feel like you have no say-so in this relationship, when you do! Their are two people in this relationship, Not one. And that's how I ...... We, should have it! Nicki said, walking over to drake, sitting on his lap. She was so glad to get all of that off her chest. "Their are two people in this relationship. You and me. But Nicki, i can't help if I care about your feelings more than mine. Its just the way i feel." Drake said putting his hand under Nicki's chin, making her look into his beautiful eyes.He spoke again. "Nicki, there's just one thing i need to know................................. Are you ready?"


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It's Time !

OKAY, guyz, i am sooooo sorry all the delays on the updates. I have just been so busy with papers, studying, volleyball, n etc. So from now on, i'll just tweet or inform you guys when i have updated, k.Hope you guyz will forgive me! *Puppy dog eyes*. But here is the next chapter following "BUSTED!!" Im going to make this one much longer. Also i think this is the best chapter yet. But you guyz tell me what you think! So hope you enjoy. And if you guyz want to read more awesome #DRICKI fics here they are! ---------------> (This is my best fran and her story is amazing! go check it out)  N Http:// (OMGEEE, i love this story! its sooo........... #FETCH.! GO check it out!). Oh n 1 more thing i wanna S/O MY BESTEST BARB, LISPIE A.K.A @TeamMINAJ_PYB for S/O me out on her story! l0l. But enough chat here it is! HOPE YOU ENJOY!  #MUAHH

 As the camera lights flashed through the living room window, Nicki and Drake ran upstairs to get away from the commotion. "I can't believe this!" Nicki said, shaking her head. As Drake flopped down on the edge of the bed, he pulled Nicki along with him. "I mean i know its fucked up, but it was gone be out in public soon anyway! How long do you think people wouldn't recognize the way i look at you, or better yet the way we look at each other! They were gonna find out something was up." Drake said, trying to make Nicki feel better. "Yea i guess your right, But now that its out in the open we got a lot of explaining to do!" Nicki said, sounding worried, and now sitting on drakes lap. "What do you mean?" Drake said, sounding concerned." Our families our gonna be pissed to know that we kept it from them this long!" Nicki said, sounding worried.
"DAMN! Your right!" Just then Drake got an idea. "But they don't have to know when we got together.  "Drake said,raising his eyebrow at Nicki. "Drake, you know i hate lying to my family! I can't do that!" Nicki replied. "Yea, i guess your right. Well were just gunna have to deal with the consequences then." Drake said, with a sigh. "Yea that sounds much better." Nicki said, with a half smile.

NEXT DAY............

For two hours straight, Nicki and Drakes phones were ringing off the hook! They couldn't remember how many times they had cursed out somebody that day. It just infuriated Nicki that she could never have any privacy in the world of fame. She was tired of all eyes on her, and she just wanted some privacy. Nicki had shared this with Drake earlier that day and he completely understood. He wanted Nicki to stop worrying, and he had the perfect way for her to break free from this agitating news. "Umm, Nicki, i gotta make a run. You'll be okay here by yourself right?" Drake said, trying to sound convincing. But he knew what he was doing. "huuuhh, I guess so. Just hurry back otay." Nicki said, with her adorable baby voice. Drake laughed. "I will, I promise." Drake said, as he kissed Nicki on her cheek, and was headed out the door. They had 2 months get away from fame, and Drake wanted to do something special for Nicki. He wanted them two to have some privacy for once! And now that the news has been exposed that they were together, they had nothing to worry about. All they had to focus on was their relationship, and where it would go, and that's exactly what Drake and Nicki wanted. As Drake pulled around the corner to a hidden area, he took out his blackberry, and began making the plans for their trip he was about to take Nicki on. He had planned on taking Nicki to the Bahama's, But he was confused, because he also wanted to take her to Hawaii, but he didn't know how he would fulfill his requests. Just then he got an extraordinary idea. He was going to take Nicki to both places! He wanted to treat Nicki like a man has never treated her before. Even though he knew Nicki loved him dearly, he still wanted to show Nicki he loved her more than anything. And he just kept feeling like he wasn't fulfilling his duty. As he got himself together, he began dialing the travel agency.

Meanwhile, Nicki was at home, still being tortured by the tabloids. She was really starting to get agitated, and that last caller was about to get an ear full. "LOOK MOTHERFUCKER, STOP CALLIN MY GOT DAMN PHONE! YOU BASTARDS GOT WHAT YOU WANTED, NOW LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE!" Nicki said, almost screaming to the top of her lungs. She was furious. The other person on the other line spoke. "UMM, well excuse me for calling my best friend, to see how she is doin! But if you want me to leave you alone, then thats just what i'll do." SB said, sounding sarcastic.  Nicki gasped. "Oh my god, Faree i am so sor-." Nicki was cut off. "Haha, its okay. I heard about what happened. Thats why i was calling you, to see if you were okay. BUUTTT, i see your in a bad mood sooo-." SB said, before getting cut off by Nicki. "NO! Don't hang up. I thought you were one of those fuckin tabloids again!" Nicki explained. SB laughed "Its iight Nick. So how you been? Everything still good with you and Drake? Dat nigga still treatinOk. One question at a time nigga! Im good, and me and Drake are better than ever! But don't worry about me. How is your mom?" Nicki said, sounding really concerned. "Oh, she's doing a little bit better. But not good enough for me to leave yet. She is still having some troubles with her heart and things. But i "THINK" she'll still be around much longer." SB said, sounding confident. "That's GREAT! I am so glad she is doing better!" Nicki said, trying to stay strong. Even though she wanted her best friend back around, it was way more important for him to stay with his mom, and she knew that. She didn't want to say the wrong thing, and make him feel bad, so she just kept the conversation good. "So, how have you been holding up?" Nicki questioned. "Oh, i been good! You know, having some fun catching up wit relatives and shit." SB answered. "That's good." Nicki answered, now starting to miss him more. There was silence, before SB broke it. "Nicki, are you mad at me?" SB asked, suspiciously. "NO, why do you ask that?" Nicki said, trying not to sound sad. "Well, you know..... because im not there with you! I mean we barely talk anymore, and i just feel like im, I I- feel like im losing you!" SB said, his throat filled with tears. Nicki let out a deep breath. She wanted to tell him the truth, but she didn't want him to feel hurt. She just decided to say what she felt. "Faree, i am not mad at you! I know you have business to take care of, and i totally understand! I mean yea, i really really do miss you, but you have a life as well, and i want you to live it. I love you no matter what and i don't ever want you to feel like that. You just take care of your business and don't worry about me. Im fine! And im not that lonely, I have Drake now, remember." Nicki said, as tears began to form in her eyes. She really wanted to tell SB to come back now, but she understood his situation. She just hoped she wouldn't have to wait much longer before she was reunited with her best friend. "Yea, your right. I just miss you soo much!" SB said sincerely. Nicki giggled. "AWWW, I miss you too, Safaree." Nicki replied. "Haha.Sooooo.... i guess i'll talk to you tomorrow then." SB said, hating to hang up with his best friend. "Okay. Make sure you call me whenever you need to talk or anything! Don't you hesitate to dial my number, you understand me! Call me anytime!" Nicki said, assuring SB understood her clearly. "OK." SB replied. "I Love you!" Nicki said. "I love you too Nick!" "Bye". As Nicki hung up her blackberry, she began to cry. She missed her best friend, but also knew it wasn't all about her. (YES IT IS!) She just had to suck it up and be a man. Besides she had the love of her life with her now, so she wasn't really complaining.

As Drake got done preparing the reservations for Hawaii and the Bahama's, he stopped by the store to pick up a few things, to make the night a little special for Nicki. As he pulled up to the driveway, he noticed the living room lights were on. This could only mean Nicki was in the living room. Drake didn't want Nicki to see the things he got for that night, so he left the bags in the car until the close was clear. He opened to see a sad Nicki lying on the couch, but when he entered, her frown turned upside down. "DRAAKKEE!" Nicki said, running into his arms, and showering him with kisses. He could tell she had been crying, by the puffiness in her eyes. He began to get worried, but he didn't want to ruin the moment, and bring up what ever happened while he was gone. He would find out later but, she was happy now, and that was all that mattered. "Someones happy to see her man!" Drake said, as he pulled Nicki closer. Nicki giggled. Drake still hadn't forgot what he had planned for Nicki that night. So he found a way to make it happen. "Baby, i got something really special planned for you tonight. Do you feel up for it? Welll, it doesn't matter cause im not taking no for an answer! So wait right here!" Drake demanded. Nicki stood there in wonder. Drake returned with a beautiful but very sexy red versace lingerie set, and a pair of glowing red versace pumps. It was in a beautiful pink bag, topped with a sparkling bow. Drake really knew how to treat a lady. "Drake, what is th-." Drake kissed Nicki's lips before she could say another word. "Go get changed, and don't come down until i say so!" Drake said, kissing Nicki's neck. Nicki didn't know what was going on, but so far she liked it. She had decided to forget all about the sad news with SB, and decided to have fun with Drake that night. "Drake, just tell me wh-" Drake kissed Nicki's lips again, but this time way more passionately. "Just go!" Drake said, letting Nicki breathe and pointing to the stair case. Nicki's knees got weak, and she began to do as she was told. As she walked up the stairs, she took one more look at Drake, and smiled. She disappeared.

Two hours later...................................

Drake was just finishing up with the decorating. He had pink and red rose pedals hovering the floor, along with dim lights. He also had candles lit everywhere, which left an amazing lavender scent to explore the atmosphere. He had all kind of desserts from chocolate covered strawberries, to cupcakes with love spelled  on the top. And he had topped it all off with Robin Thicke's "Sex Therapy" playing softly in the background. Everything was going as Drake had planned. He was ready to cater to Nicki the whole night, and to present the amazing news to her that they were going to Hawaii and the Bahama's. Just as he was about to call Nicki down, she beat him to the punch. "Drake, can i come down now!" Nicki asked, sounding like a kid who just got out of time out. Drake couldn't help but to laugh. He fixed his self before granting Nick's wish. It was time. "Yea, come on baby." Drake told Nicki. Nicki took a deep breath, and walked down the stairs. Drake stood there, watching the most beautiful women he had ever seen coming toward him. His throat was caught in his stomach along with a huge knot. Even though Nicki and Drake had been together over 3 months, Nicki still made Drake nervous. When they were close, he couldn't breathe. She was just so perfect from her lips, to her smile to her eyes to her shape, and most of all, her talents, and that was just a summary. He still couldn't believe he finally had the women of his dreams, and he would do anything to keep her. Nicki walked over to Drake, leaving a trail of beauty behind her. She was dressed in the Versace lingerie set Drake got her, with the red Versace pumps. Her hair flowing over her shoulders, topped with Glitter lotion. She looked amazing! "Drake! This is amazing!!! You didn't have to-" Once again Nicki was cut off  by Drakes lips. "SHHH. I did have to do this to show you how much i love you. I know i buy you things, and im easy to talk to. But i wanna be more than that. I want you to come to me when you need a massage or if you see a spider. (HaHaHa)  I want you to know that i love you, and i will never stop! As long as i have you, my world is complete." Drake just let all of his emotions flow from his mouth. He really wanted Nicki to know how much he loved her. Nicki took Drakes head into her hands and began to speak, looking him in his eyes. "Aubrey Drake Graham, I love you know matter what. I don't care if we were flat out broke and lived in a tenement. My feelings for you would never change. You are my man, and you don't have to do all of this extra stuff, just to show me how much you love me. I know you love me very much, and i don't ever want you to feel like i don't know that! Okay." Nicki said, finishing off with a passionate kiss. Drake smiled. He was relieved to get this off his chest, and now they could get to what he had planned. He took Nicki's hand, and led her over to the couch, where all the desserts and wine was. He motioned his hand for her to sit down, and began feeding her. As chocolate covered strawberries filled Nicki's mouth, she began to get a tingly sensation inside. "Is this the time? Should we take it to the next step?" Nicki stated in her mind. Her and Drake had not had sex since they had been together. Nicki wanted to take it slow, and Drake agreed. She didn't want to end up like last time. Giving her all to a nigga, that didn't really love her. She told herself she wasn't going to have sex until she was ready, and she was now thinking it was time. She could trust Drake, and she really wanted to give him a chance. "Drake, is it bothering you that we don't..... you know....... have sex?" Nicki said, shyly. Drake immediately stopped, and cleared his throat. He did kinda have a problem with not being able to please his women the way he wanted to, but he didn't mind. He wanted Nicki to feel comfortable with him, and if that meant waiting on sex, that's what he was going to do. "No, it doesn't bother me. Well it doesn't bother me allot!" Drake said, not making eye contact with Nicki. Nicki began to feel guilty. "Drake look at me." Nicki said, putting her finger under his chin. "Does it really bother you?" Nicki said, sincerely. "I mean, it really doesn't bother me. I'm ready when you are." Drake replied, still not making eye contact. Nicki knew he was lying. At this point she knew it was time...........

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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Three months had passed, and Nicki and Drake were still going strong! (#PAUZ) They were really starting to get to know each other. But they still Hadn't told anyone about there relationship, (except for SB), and they had not planned on doing so for a while. They wanted to keep it to themselves until they were sure they were really meant for each other, and they both agreed on it. "Nicki.... Nicki." Drake whispered, waking Nicki up gently with his soft kisses. Nicki didnt budge. "Come on, you gotta wake up. We gotta go to the studio!" Drake said, now getting a little louder. "10 more minutes! Pleeaasseee!" Nicki said, sounding like a child. "No Nicki! Get up!" Drake said, now tickling her Stomach. "Drake, stop!" Nicki said. laughing hysterically. "I'll stop when you get up!" Drake said, smiling but still torturing her. Nicki tried to put the blanket over her head, but Drake wasn't gunna let it happen. Nicki was jumping around like a fish that had been taken from its territory. Her last move was not smart at all. She turned over, and then rolled right onto the floor! "OUCH!" Nicki said, laughing but trying to play it off. Drake couldn't help but to burst out into laughter. "You, okay baby?" Drake said, helping Nicki up, but still chuckling. "That's not funny!" Nicki said, folding her arms and sticking out her bottom lip. Drake was still trying so hard not to laugh. "I'm sorry baby." Drake said, giving Nicki a comforting hug, and kissing her pouting lips. "Yea you better be." Nicki said, grabbing the bottom of his shirt. "I'll make it up to you! I promise." Drake said. rubbing her chin. "HmmHm." Nicki said, rolling her eyes, and closing the bathroom door with Drake on the other side. "Don't take all day! I wanna get out of here in like an hour." Drake said, yelling trying to get Nicki's attention. "Boy! It takes a long time to look this good, so when i 'm done, I'll let you know! Okay!" Nicki said, in a cocky tone. "Yea, Yea! Just hurry yo sexy ass up! Iight." Drake said walking out the room. Nicki was so happy, all she could do is stare in the mirror. She finally had everything that she had wanted. But most of all, she had LOVE! Something that she had been waiting on for a long time, but never could find the right man to give it to her. She prayed for someone like Drake to come along, she just never thought it would take this long. But she didn't care about the past, she was focused on her future, and she wasn't gunna let anything or anyone ruin it!


A half an hour later, Nicki was all primped and ready to go. She was dressed formal with light makeup. She didn't wanna get all dressed up just yet because she had something real special planned for Drake that night, and she wanted it to go perfect. "Nicki! LETS GO! Were gunna loose our appointment" Drake said, now getting frustrated. "No, what you need to do is calm yo ass DOWN, okay!" Nicki said, coming down the stairs. "Finally! Do you see what time it is women?" Drake said giving Nicki a half smile. "Yea, I see what time it is MAANN! Whats your point!" Nicki said,laughing. "Nothing, lets go!" Drake said, shaking his head. When they reached the car, Drake walked over to the passenger side to open the door for Nicki. "Thanks, baby! But im not cripple!" Nicki said, laughing. "I Know, but i wanna treat you like the queen you are!" Drake said, holding Nicki's hand. "AWWWW, your so sweet! I love you Drake." Nicki said, caressing his face, then giving him a passionate kiss. "But, lets go! Since you wanna rush me!" Nicki said, playfully punching Drake in his arm. Drake began to laugh. "Yes ma'am!" He said, saluting Nicki. As they pulled into the studio parking lot, they noticed it was very congested. "Got Damn!!" Drake said turning the wheel slowly, trying to find a park. "WOW!, i never seen it so packed liked this!" Nicki said, looking amazed. Once they found a park, they were headed to the door. When they entered, they went straight to the desk, to retrieve, their studio time. "How you doin, im here for my studio time." Drake said to the very sissy man sitting at the desk. "Okay. Name please?" The receptionist said. "Drake Graham." Drake said, in a hurry. "UHHHH! Im sorry, but your space has been taken." The receptionist said, blinking his eye's constantly. Nicki couldn't help but to laugh at how obnoxious the guy looked. "WHAT! What you mean its been it been taken!" Drake said, now getting upset. "Im sorry, but you guys were late, and as you can see, we are very busy!" The receptionist said, acting like he didn't care. Nicki knew were this was about to go, and she didn't like it. So she decided to stop the problem before it occurred. "Come on baby, we can come back another time." Nicki said, whispering, trying not to make it noticeable that they were a couple. Nicki began grabbing his arm hoping he would leave it alone. "NO! HELL NO! I made my got damn reservation and thats what the hell i want! Drake said, making a big scene in the lobby. People were looking at him like he was crazy but he didn't care. He wanted his reservation and that was it! "Well sir, im sorry but its too late! You should have got here when you were supposed to! And know there's nothing i can do about it, so can you please step aside, there are people waiting!" The receptionist said, know getting annoyed by Drake Ignorance. "Drake! lets go, its okay, we can come back!" Nicki said hoping he would do as she said. Drake could see the concern in Nicki's eye's and he didn't like it. "Huuh! Okay." Drake said, giving into Nicki's puppy dog eye's. "But one last thing!" Drake said, stopping before they left. "GOT DAMMIT DRAKE!" Nicki said, standing by the door. Drake made his way back to the counter. "Look you gay ass cunt! Next time i come in here, and i got a fuckin reservation, I BETTER GET IT! You understand me?" Drake said, almost reaching across the desk, and slapping the taste out the receptionists mouth. "HmmHm. NEEEXXXTTTT!" The receptionist said, rolling his eyes, and acting like Drake didn't phase him at all. "DRAKE! Lets go!" Nicki said know getting pissed off. As they were walking back to the car, Nicki noticed someone snapping pictures of them. "Drake! Hurry up!" Nicki said mumbling under her breath. "Drake was looking very confused. "What???" He said. "Just walk!" Nicki said pushing him into the car. They pulled off. "What was that all about?" Drake said, looking at Nicki suspiciously. "There was a fucking paparazzi, takin pictures of us!" Nicki said, looking back to see if they were being followed. "SHIT!! Were screwed!" Drake said, shaking his head. "Yea, i know, lets just try to get home as soon as possible!


Once they reached Nicki's house, they scurried inside. Nicki dropped her purse on the couch, and flopped down right beside it. "Drake what are we gonna do?" Nicki said, looking up at the ceiling. "Well i was thinkin we could go upstairs, and you know-." Drake said, kissing Nicki's neck but then getting cut off. "IM NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT! You freak!" Nicki said, laughing."I'm talking about what just happen!" Before Drake could respond there was a knock on the door. "Who the hell is that?" Nicki said, getting up. Drake followed behind her. When they opened the door, their were flashing lights and tons of people! "Whats going on with you and Drake?" One of the paparazzi said, shoving the microphone in Nicki's face. ( #PAUZ ) Nicki and Drake were completely in shock! They didn't know what to do, now that whole world knew about their relationship! Drake slammed the door. "Well.. Nicki.. fastened your seat belt, cuz were about to go for a ride!" He said, grabbing Nicki's hand. They were BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Beginning !

That whole night, Nicki kept tossing and turning! She couldn't keep her mind off of the horrible news SB had shared with her that day. "UGHHH!!" Nicki yelled, kicking her feet, waking up Drake. "What's wrong Nicki?" Drake said turning over, wiping his pit bull eyes. "I need to call Safaree!" Nicki said getting up, trying to find her phone. Drake then sat up on his elbows. "I knew you would do this! That's exactly why i took your phone." Drake said, giving Nicki a grin, but he stopped when he noticed Nicki was serious. "Drake! Give me my phone!" Nicki said trying to take it from Drake's strong hand. "You gotta get it first, short stuff!" Drake said, as he got up running from Nicki. Drake knew exactly what he was doing. He tried to cheer Nicki up by playing around with her a little, he just hoped it wouldn't backfire in his face! At this point Nicki and Drake were running around the room! "At 2:21a.m no one should be up trying to play around." Drake thought. "But if its for Nicki then i will do wateva! "Drake!! Give me my phone!" Nicki said giggling, as she jumped, hopped, and climbed, reaching her hands upward trying to get her phone, from were Drake was holding it. "Nope!" Drake said smiling, showing his deep dimples. Nicki began to smile. "You think you slick, don't you?" Nicki said in a flirtatious voice as she began to get closer to Drake. "I-I-I-I don't know what you talkin bout girl!" Drake said stuttering, as Nicki's hands began to feel on his body. Their lips began to get closer and closer by the minute, and before they knew it, they were sharing a passionate kiss. Drake began to lower his arms, wrapping them around Nicki's waist. As they pulled away slowly in a trans, Nicki looked at him, and snatched away her phone. "NANANA, who got the phone know, nigga!" Nicki said, laughing and heading back to the bed. Drake began to hold his head. "Iight, i got you bae!" Drake said nodding his head and giving Nicki a seductive look. "What's that supposed to mean?" Nicki said looking concerned. "You about to find out real quick." Drake said moving closer to Nicki. "Oh, really." Nicki said, meeting Drake half way. As they reached each other, they stared into each others eyes gazingly. "So what was you saying you was gone do!" Nicki said in a bossy, but yet sexy tone. "THIS!" Drake begin to kiss Nicki's lips ever so passionately. Nicki went along with it. She wrapped her arms around Drakes neck and began to rub the back of his head. They were both in a trans. But something was just puzzling Nicki's brain, and she just had to get it out. "Drake." Nicki said, breaking the silence. "Yea baby?" Drake said, still kissing Nicki's neck. "Do you really think this relationship could work?" Nicki whispered. Drake immediately stopped. "Nicki, why did you ask that?" Drake said, discouraged. "Because, we kinda moved into this relationship pretty quick. You know its only been a day and were all over each other. We haven't even discussed anything, really! I-I just dont want to get hurt again." Nicki said, letting all of her emotions go. Drake couldn't help but to say what he felt. Drake had been wanting Nicki in his life for so long, but he never really had the guts to tell her how he really felt, and now was the chance. He sighed heavily, and began. "Nicki, from the first time i laid my eyes on you, i knew i had to have you. You were so beautiful and talented, i just couldn't take you off of my mine. All my life i have been searching for a beautiful women just like you, and now i found her. Your the most amazing women i have ever seen, and for so many years, i have been wanting to tell you I-I-I love you Onika Maraj. I mean, every time i see, you make my soul smile! You just ........ so. I know i sound real corny right now but, you just mean so much to me, and i will do anything to prove it to you! But if your not ready to be in a relationship rite now, I-I understand." Drake looked up to see Nicki smiling and crying. "Drake, that was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me." Nicki said, smiling and wiping the tears from her  eyes. She was so touched by what Drake said, but she was still having problems with deciding if she made the right decision. But she thought to herself that it wouldn't hurt to try it out, because she knew Drake would never hurt her. "I dont even know why i brought that up. Let's just forget about the whole thing. But Drake........ promise me you will never ever hurt me okay. I've been hurt to many times before and i don't wanna replay!" Nicki said, with a serious look on her beautiful face. "Nicki, i give you my word, i will never hurt you. I love you so much, i couldn't even pursue myself to do it!" Nicki gave him a big hug. She finally had decided to let him love her the way he wanted to. No more fighting, no more arguing! She had what she wanted and she wanted to keep it. "So.... where were we?" Nicki said, biting her bottom lip. She was ready to give love a chance.


-@MINAJ_believer :  for this chapter i wanted to express more love between Nicki and Drake. I didn't want them to just go into the relationship without discussing some very important things together. So stay tuned for the next chapter!!  Hope you enjoyed!  #muah!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

He's Gone !

"Drake, get off!! get off!" Nicki whispered, pushing Drake gently. She and Drake tried to put their shirt back on before the door opened, but it was to late. "WHAT THE FUCK!!" SB yelled, standing in the doorway. "Whats going on in here!" SB asked, looking completely astonished. Nicki and Drake were froze. They didn't know what to do, or what to say. "SB, it's not what you think man!" Drake lied. "Aww come on mannn! SB said in grimy voice. "I know what yall was doin! Look, i don't care if yall together, come on, just tell me!" SB demanded. Nicki and Drake looked at each other. "Yes..... we are together!" Nicki said looking down, hoping she had just made the right decision. Drake's eyes got wide. They were full of excitement. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. He looked at Nicki, and they both began to smile. Drake ran to Nicki and scooped her up by her waist. He twirled her around , kissing her passionately at the same time. "Finally! Do yall know how long Ive been waiting for this." SB said, breaking the silence with his ignorance. Drake put Nicki down. They stared in each others eyes while blocking out SB's voice in the background. "But, umm... Nicki...... im not gunna be able to go with you to New York." SB said, scared of the response he might get back. He knew what he was about to tell Nicki would hurt her, and he didn't want that at all! "Wait.. but why?" Nicki said disappointed. As Nicki tried to speak again, she could notice something was wrong with SB. "Whats wrong Safaree?" Nicki said, looking very concerned. "My mom is in the hospital." SB said looking down at his feet, as if he was gunna shed a tear. "What happened?" Nicki asked softly, as she walked toward SB to comfort him. "She had a heart attack.... and now she's on life support. The doctors said she needs some support, and that's why i need to be down there with her." SB said, sadly. "Do you want me to go with you?" Nicki said gripping his muscular shoulder. "No! you stay here and take care of your business. Plus now, you got Drake so that should make everything better!" SB said looking at Drake, trying to make the situation better. They all laughed. "I'll take good care of her!" Drake said confidently. "I know you will man." SB replied. "Wait! Safaree, your saying this shit like your gunna be gone for a long time! How long are you gunna be gone?" Nicki said, making a statement, but also asking a question. SB took a deep breath. "Nicki, i wont be back any time soon. My mom needs me, and i need to stay with her until i find out if im gunna still have a mother!" "Well, im going to give you guyz some time to talk." Drake said, as he kissed Nicki on the cheek and went into the hall. What SB just said made Nicki burst into tear! Not only because he was leaving her, but for him and his mother. She couldn't even imagine what he was going through! She loved her mother so much she would be devastated if she was in this situation. "Nicki, don't cry! im sorry! I'll try to get back as soon as i can, i promise!" SB said as he held Nicki tight in his arms. Nicki began to wipe away her tears. "Your making me sound so selfish! Im not just crying because your leaving, im crying because i would never wanna be in this situation! Never, and i just can't imagine how you feel rite now! Nicki said , looking into his eyes. SB tried to hold all his emotions in, but they took control. He began to cry. "Nicki, im scared!" SB said, as he buried his face into Nicki's neck. Nicki, tried to comfort him the best way she could. "Safaree, your mom is a strong women, and you know it! She's not gunna leave you!" Nicki whispered. SB looked up and began to smile. "Nicki, i love you so much!" SB said. "I love you too! Now go catch that plane before i have to take you!" Nicki said, playfully. "I'll be back as soon as i can!" SB said as he was headed for the door. "Don't worry about me! Like you said, now i have Drake! Nicki said smiling. SB ran back to Nicki to give her one last hug and kiss, and he was gone! Nicki flopped on the couch, forgetting all about Drake was still in the hall. Before she could go get him, he had already made his way back to the room."You okay?" Drake said, very concerned. Nicki looked at him, and just ran into his arms. She couldn't help but to burst into tears, knowing that her best friend was gunna be gone and maybe even his mother! Drake held her as tight as he could. He wanted her to forget all about what just had happened, and focus on the good things in life, but he knew that would take a long time. "Lets go." Drake said, scooping her up and carrying her to the car. He sat her in the car, making sure she was comfortable. He ran back to the studio to get there things, and they were gone. "Nicki, i know your hurting rite now, but trust me, it will be okay!" Drake said holding her hand. When Drake said that it made Nicki's heart warm up. She had realized what decision she had made in the studio, and she loved it! The ride home was descent. They talked about their future, but now present relationship, and how would they tell their families and friends. "Nicki, what about Young Money?" Drake asked, but got no response. He looked over to find that Nicki was fast asleep. As they pulled into Drake's drive way, Nicki woke up from the sound of the car door slamming. "Come on babe, lets get you in the house. Drake said quietly, as he caressed Nicki's beautiful face. Nicki was so confused from all the heart breaking news, that she was silent. She loved how Drake took control. As Drake layed Nicki down on his bed, he had an urge just to do something so pleasurable to Nicki, that he and she would never forget, but he knew what her wishes were, and he was going to respect that. Drake was headed to the closet to find some clothes for Nicki to sleep in. He went back to his room, to find Nicki sitting at the edge of the bed. "Babe, i thought you were sleep." Drake said, as he showed her the clothes she was going to be sleeping in. "I was, but i can't sleep knowing that SB could be hurting more than me rite now." Nicki said, trying not to cry. Drake put his hand under her chin, making her look at him. "I know your hurting rite now babe, but you need to get some sleep before you end up in the hospital, and i can't have that!" Drake said, kissing her lips. Nicki smiled. She took the clothes and headed to the bathroom to change, when she forgot something very important. "Draakkee!" Nicki yelled from the bathroom. Drake came rushing down the hall. "What's wrong?" Drake said, trying to catch his breath. "I forgot to pack!" Nicki said, shaking her head! "OH, yea i forgot to tell you, SB packed your stuff for you! He gave it to me while i was standing in the hallway, and i put it in my car!" Nicki smiled, and from that minute, she realized that she was not only lucky, she was blessed!


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Friday, February 4, 2011

Caught Up In The Moment

The next morning , Nicki woke up feeling refreshed and brand new ! She had decided to make herself and SB some chocolate chip waffles for breakfast , along with some scrambled eggs. "SB , breakfast is ready!" Nicki yelled , as she stood at the bottom of the stairs. SB came rushing down the stairs in a white T-shirt that said " I'm ignorant , what are you?" and some blue and black sweat pants to match. As SB rushed over to get his breakfast off the counter, he had realized he didn't say good morning to Nicki! SB walked over to Nicki ,  who was now sitting on the couch Indian style, eating her breakfast and watching T.V. "Good morning Nicki!" SB said with excitement as he sat beside her. "Good morning SB. Hows your breakfast?" Nicki said as she sat up. "Well you know, it could be a little bit better. The waffles are soggy , and the eggs are a wee bit too salty!" SB said as he tried to keep a straight face. Nicki gave him a evil glare. "Well next time, you get up and make your own got damn breakfast! Okay!" Nicki said , as she chucked a pillow at him. "NO, Nicki, I'm only kiddin! Its delicious! Thank you." SB said as he held Nicki's hand. She looked at him and smiled. When they were done, SB took the dishes to the sink and began washing them, as Nicki went upstairs to get herself primped for the day. She had planned on staying at home all day, and relaxing since she had to leave for New York tomorrow. But she had promised Kanye that she would put a feature in for him on his new single, so she wanted to get started before she left. As she walked to her closet to pick out a fitted T-shirt and some jeans, her phone began to ring. She rushed back to her night stand , when she seen it was Drake."Hello." Nicki said in her British accent. "Hey nick, watchu up to? Drake said, as he laughed. "Oh nuthin, just pickin out some clothes to wear today.What about you?" Nicki said as she searched her fully loaded closet. " Nuttin much just was gonna go hit the studio today. you know tryin to make another numba 1 hit! you feel me!" Drake said as he laughed. "Oh really, well i was gunna hit the studio today too!" Nicki replied. " Oh word, well maybe we can both go together, you know, that's if you felt like it ?" Drake said, hoping Nicki would say yes. " Hmmmmm, i dont know Drake, i need to concentrate while I'm making perfection, and you is just to damn goofy for me!" Nicki said, as she laughed. "Come on, pleeeaaasssee!" Drake pleaded. Nicki gave in. "Alright, i guess so!" Nicki said, as she sighed. Drake was incredibly happy! Even though he was gunna see Nicki tomorrow, he still loved spending time with her. As Drake began to calm down, he asked Nicki what time did she want to be picked up? "Ummmm, i don't know lyk around 2, 2:30." Nicki said. "Oh , okay, sounds good, so I'll pick you up then." Drake replied " Alright , Nicki said, as her cheeks began hurting from smiling so much. "See you then!" As they both hung up, Nicki began to get very happy. She loved spending time with drake because it seemed like they had everything in common. They both were funny, they both like the same things, and they both just loved to have fun and live life to the fullest. As Nicki began searching her closet again for something more special to wear for Drake, SB was coming up the stairs. "Yo Nicki, were you at?" SB yelled. "I'm in my closet, come here!" Nicki demanded. As SB walked in her room, he noticed Nicki was extremely happy. " Wats up wit you Nicki, why you smilin and shit?" SB said, as he laughed. "What are you talkin about? I'm fine!" Nicki replied. "Yeah, i can see dat!" SB said sarcastically. They both laughed. "Where you going, i thought we was just gone sit around, and chill today?" SB asked, sounding concerned. "I'm going to the studio with Drake!" Nicki said as she closed the bathroom door, leaving SB outside. "Oh, so dats why yo ass so happy and shit! You goin to see Drizzy (also known as Drake). "Safaree , You are a nut (PAUZ)! You know me and Drake are just friends!" Nicki yelled, as she cut on the shower. "Yeah , dats not what Drake thinks! Don't come back here pregnant , Onika (Nicki's Real Name)! Cuz i ain't raising no babies!" SB said, sounding like Nicki's father, but playfully. " Okay, you know Safaree, ima need you to #SITYOASSDOWN (A term Nicki and the barbz/kenbarbz use)!" Nicki said as she laughed! "I'm serious Nicki!" SB said, still laughing. "SB, get outta my room, i need to get in da shower!" Nicki yelled trying to over talk the running water. "Iight , I'll leave, but trust me, i will be back!" SB said, as he "tried" to pimp walk out the room. Nicki couldn't help but laugh. As she got in her steaming hot shower, she thought about how much fun her and Drake were gunna have. She knew she wasn't gunna be able to get any work done with Drake being there, but she didn't mind. She would have Kanye's feature primped and ready by the time he wanted it.

                 About a half an hour later........................................

Nicki was all ready to go as she sat on the couch waiting for Drake. She was wearing a hot pink graphic T, that said "You can't touch this" and some tightly fitted skinny jeans. She had on light makeup, which made her feel even more comfortable. She decided she wasn't gunna wear anything too special because she didn't want Drake to get the wrong idea, so she just decided to wear something simple. As Nicki got up to go get something to drink, the doorbell rung. As she opened the door she saw drake standing there in a plain white T, and some loosely fitted denim jeans. Nicki stood there thinking to herself, "how can someone look this good, and not even try to!" To Nicki he would looked sexy even if he was dressed in his pajamas."So, you ready to go?" Drake asked Nicki, as he woke her up out her daze. " Oh yea, let me just get my things." As Drake followed behind Nicki back into the house, he couldn't help but to stare at her as she walked away. He thought she was the most beautiful girl in the whole world, and no one would change his mind! "SB I'm about to go! I'll be back later!" Nicki yelled, as she tried to get SB's attention. SB came running down the stairs to say goodbye to Nicki, and say hi to Drake. " Heeyy! Wassup, man!" SB yelled, as he gave Drake a manly handshake. "Hey, wassup SB man, its been a long time!" Drake replied as he returned the favor. "Okay, well SB I'm gone. We should be back a little later. Okay!" Nicki said as she was headed for the door. "Alright, remember we got a plane to catch in the morning so don't be out to late!" SB said. "Who are you, my mother?" Nicki said, as she laughed. "Bye, Nicki!" SB said, as he laughed and shut the door behind Nicki and Drake. "So, that's a crazy best friend you got there!" Drake said, as he laughed. "Yeah, i know, but i lov'em any way!" Nicki replied back as she put her seat belt on. The ride to the studio was very talkative between Nicki and Drake! They were laughing and carrying on about memories they had shared in the past. As they pulled up in the parking lot of the studio, there was no one there, so this meant they didn't have to wait. Drake began making his way over to the passenger side to open the door for Nicki. "Thank you ." Nicki said as she was helped out of the car by Drake. "Your welcome." Drake said as he stared into Nicki's beautiful brown eyes. As they walked into the studio together, Nicki noticed it was cold. And she hated being cold! "OH my god! why is it so freakin cold in here?" Nicki complained. " I got just the thing you need!" Drake said, as he walked back to his car. He came back with a blanket and handed it to Nicki. " I thought it might have been cold in here so i brought a blanket for you, since i know you hate being cold!" Drake said , as he rapped the blanket around Nicki. She began to smile, while looking into his eyes. "Thank you! That was very considerate of you, Drake!" She said. As she began walking over to the couch to sit down and begin writing, she noticed again, how sexy Drake was as began to operate the temperature controls. At that very moment she knew the feelings she had for Drake were real, but she didn't feel it was right to express them. Drake began walking over to Nicki and flopped down beside her. "So .... watchu workin on?" Drake asked Nicki, as he began to get comfortable on the couch. Nicki was feeling a tingly sensation in her body as he scooted closer to her. "UMMM, this feature for Kanye. He,he wanted me to do one for his new single." Nicki said as she stuttered. "Are you okay?" Drake asked Nicki. "Yeah, I'm fine." Nicki said shaking as Drake took her hand into his. The room felt like it was getting smaller and smaller by the minute and Nicki couldn't take it! "Umm, I'm just gunna go get a drink of water rite quick. I'll be rite back." Nicki said as her voice trembled. Every time Drake touched her she felt like there were a million angels surrounding here, like she had everything she needed rite their at that very moment. Nicki got up, and was headed to the bathroom. She looked into the mirror and stared at her beautiful face. She began thinking to herself "why are you scared of him? he just wants to give you love you deserve! just let him in!" As she pulled herself together she began walking back to the studio. "You okay?" Drake said, sounding concerned. "Yea, I'm fine just needed to get some water, that's all." Nicki said as she sighed. As she was walking back towards him she could feel her throat tightening up again and so could he. They were both nervous but they just didn't want to show it. "So let's get-" Nicki had tripped over something and fell rite into Drakes lap. They both sat their, staring into each others eyes. Somehow their faces began to move closer and closer, and the next thing they knew, they were locking lips. Drake couldn't believe this was happening and neither could Nicki! Nicki backed away and began to shake her head. "I can't do this." She said looking down. Drake put his hand under her chin, making her look into his eyes. She tried to resist him but she couldn't. As they began to kiss more passionately, Drake rolled Nicki on her back, as her hovered over her, kissing her in all the right places. Nicki let out soft moans as Drake began lifting up her shirt, kissing her stomach. They were so busy enjoying each others pleasure, they didn't recognize someone was coming down the hall. At this point Nicki's shirt was all the way off and so was Drake's. As the door nob began to turn slowly, Nicki and Drake stopped caressing each other, and looked at each other in amazement!!!!!!


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