Sunday, February 27, 2011


Three months had passed, and Nicki and Drake were still going strong! (#PAUZ) They were really starting to get to know each other. But they still Hadn't told anyone about there relationship, (except for SB), and they had not planned on doing so for a while. They wanted to keep it to themselves until they were sure they were really meant for each other, and they both agreed on it. "Nicki.... Nicki." Drake whispered, waking Nicki up gently with his soft kisses. Nicki didnt budge. "Come on, you gotta wake up. We gotta go to the studio!" Drake said, now getting a little louder. "10 more minutes! Pleeaasseee!" Nicki said, sounding like a child. "No Nicki! Get up!" Drake said, now tickling her Stomach. "Drake, stop!" Nicki said. laughing hysterically. "I'll stop when you get up!" Drake said, smiling but still torturing her. Nicki tried to put the blanket over her head, but Drake wasn't gunna let it happen. Nicki was jumping around like a fish that had been taken from its territory. Her last move was not smart at all. She turned over, and then rolled right onto the floor! "OUCH!" Nicki said, laughing but trying to play it off. Drake couldn't help but to burst out into laughter. "You, okay baby?" Drake said, helping Nicki up, but still chuckling. "That's not funny!" Nicki said, folding her arms and sticking out her bottom lip. Drake was still trying so hard not to laugh. "I'm sorry baby." Drake said, giving Nicki a comforting hug, and kissing her pouting lips. "Yea you better be." Nicki said, grabbing the bottom of his shirt. "I'll make it up to you! I promise." Drake said. rubbing her chin. "HmmHm." Nicki said, rolling her eyes, and closing the bathroom door with Drake on the other side. "Don't take all day! I wanna get out of here in like an hour." Drake said, yelling trying to get Nicki's attention. "Boy! It takes a long time to look this good, so when i 'm done, I'll let you know! Okay!" Nicki said, in a cocky tone. "Yea, Yea! Just hurry yo sexy ass up! Iight." Drake said walking out the room. Nicki was so happy, all she could do is stare in the mirror. She finally had everything that she had wanted. But most of all, she had LOVE! Something that she had been waiting on for a long time, but never could find the right man to give it to her. She prayed for someone like Drake to come along, she just never thought it would take this long. But she didn't care about the past, she was focused on her future, and she wasn't gunna let anything or anyone ruin it!


A half an hour later, Nicki was all primped and ready to go. She was dressed formal with light makeup. She didn't wanna get all dressed up just yet because she had something real special planned for Drake that night, and she wanted it to go perfect. "Nicki! LETS GO! Were gunna loose our appointment" Drake said, now getting frustrated. "No, what you need to do is calm yo ass DOWN, okay!" Nicki said, coming down the stairs. "Finally! Do you see what time it is women?" Drake said giving Nicki a half smile. "Yea, I see what time it is MAANN! Whats your point!" Nicki said,laughing. "Nothing, lets go!" Drake said, shaking his head. When they reached the car, Drake walked over to the passenger side to open the door for Nicki. "Thanks, baby! But im not cripple!" Nicki said, laughing. "I Know, but i wanna treat you like the queen you are!" Drake said, holding Nicki's hand. "AWWWW, your so sweet! I love you Drake." Nicki said, caressing his face, then giving him a passionate kiss. "But, lets go! Since you wanna rush me!" Nicki said, playfully punching Drake in his arm. Drake began to laugh. "Yes ma'am!" He said, saluting Nicki. As they pulled into the studio parking lot, they noticed it was very congested. "Got Damn!!" Drake said turning the wheel slowly, trying to find a park. "WOW!, i never seen it so packed liked this!" Nicki said, looking amazed. Once they found a park, they were headed to the door. When they entered, they went straight to the desk, to retrieve, their studio time. "How you doin, im here for my studio time." Drake said to the very sissy man sitting at the desk. "Okay. Name please?" The receptionist said. "Drake Graham." Drake said, in a hurry. "UHHHH! Im sorry, but your space has been taken." The receptionist said, blinking his eye's constantly. Nicki couldn't help but to laugh at how obnoxious the guy looked. "WHAT! What you mean its been it been taken!" Drake said, now getting upset. "Im sorry, but you guys were late, and as you can see, we are very busy!" The receptionist said, acting like he didn't care. Nicki knew were this was about to go, and she didn't like it. So she decided to stop the problem before it occurred. "Come on baby, we can come back another time." Nicki said, whispering, trying not to make it noticeable that they were a couple. Nicki began grabbing his arm hoping he would leave it alone. "NO! HELL NO! I made my got damn reservation and thats what the hell i want! Drake said, making a big scene in the lobby. People were looking at him like he was crazy but he didn't care. He wanted his reservation and that was it! "Well sir, im sorry but its too late! You should have got here when you were supposed to! And know there's nothing i can do about it, so can you please step aside, there are people waiting!" The receptionist said, know getting annoyed by Drake Ignorance. "Drake! lets go, its okay, we can come back!" Nicki said hoping he would do as she said. Drake could see the concern in Nicki's eye's and he didn't like it. "Huuh! Okay." Drake said, giving into Nicki's puppy dog eye's. "But one last thing!" Drake said, stopping before they left. "GOT DAMMIT DRAKE!" Nicki said, standing by the door. Drake made his way back to the counter. "Look you gay ass cunt! Next time i come in here, and i got a fuckin reservation, I BETTER GET IT! You understand me?" Drake said, almost reaching across the desk, and slapping the taste out the receptionists mouth. "HmmHm. NEEEXXXTTTT!" The receptionist said, rolling his eyes, and acting like Drake didn't phase him at all. "DRAKE! Lets go!" Nicki said know getting pissed off. As they were walking back to the car, Nicki noticed someone snapping pictures of them. "Drake! Hurry up!" Nicki said mumbling under her breath. "Drake was looking very confused. "What???" He said. "Just walk!" Nicki said pushing him into the car. They pulled off. "What was that all about?" Drake said, looking at Nicki suspiciously. "There was a fucking paparazzi, takin pictures of us!" Nicki said, looking back to see if they were being followed. "SHIT!! Were screwed!" Drake said, shaking his head. "Yea, i know, lets just try to get home as soon as possible!


Once they reached Nicki's house, they scurried inside. Nicki dropped her purse on the couch, and flopped down right beside it. "Drake what are we gonna do?" Nicki said, looking up at the ceiling. "Well i was thinkin we could go upstairs, and you know-." Drake said, kissing Nicki's neck but then getting cut off. "IM NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT! You freak!" Nicki said, laughing."I'm talking about what just happen!" Before Drake could respond there was a knock on the door. "Who the hell is that?" Nicki said, getting up. Drake followed behind her. When they opened the door, their were flashing lights and tons of people! "Whats going on with you and Drake?" One of the paparazzi said, shoving the microphone in Nicki's face. ( #PAUZ ) Nicki and Drake were completely in shock! They didn't know what to do, now that whole world knew about their relationship! Drake slammed the door. "Well.. Nicki.. fastened your seat belt, cuz were about to go for a ride!" He said, grabbing Nicki's hand. They were BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!


-@MINAJ_believer : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! XD  #muah. Stay tuned for the next chapter!


  1. Hahahaha, dis chapter was hilarious!! I wish I was Drake cuz yhu know i woulda snapped dat nigga. Cracka ass cracker, Lmfaoooo.
    Uh oh, Looks like somebody is B-U-S-T-E-D you are BUSTED!!! Well Drake, that's what happens when you book an appointment that early. You know us girls. Takes us more than 3 hours to get ready.
    I wonder how long til the YM fam finds out. I hope they be okay with them dating.
    Good chapter gurl! Can't wait til the next one.

  2. i love your stories big sis lol they so GOOD omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

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