Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love And Happiness : Part 2

Ashley. :)
"Babe...... Whats wrong?" Nicki asked turning her smile into a confused look. She seen the same look upon Ashley's face and began to get worried. "Woah! Okay did i miss something here?!" Nicki said now starting to wonder. Drake still hadn't said anything but Ashley did. "Uh. Nicki..... i haved to go." Ashley spoke out. Gathering her bags and storming out,as she left a trail of tears behind. She had this look on her face, as if her heart had been ripped out of her chest, and stomped on. Nicki never seen her look or act that way and she was concerned. She flew out the store following Ashley. Ashley wasn't too far ahead so Nicki was able to catch up pretty quickly.Nicki, breathing heavily, finally caught up to Ashley, grabbing a hold of her shoulder. Ashley turned around to Nicki still sobering. She Looked Nicki in the eyes, and flew into her arms. Nicki, now comforting Ashley with her warm embrace, spoke out to her. "Ashley..... Babe, please tell me whats wrong." Nicki exclaimed with a sympathetic voice. The tears that were in Ashley's throat were preventing her from responding. Not too soon after Nicki had spoken. Big Dream and Swole ,Excluding Drake, had came rushing up behind Nicki, Grabbing her. Nicki turned around and looked up to them,refusing to let go of Ashley. "TAKE US HOME!" Nicki said, looking away from them and back to a sobering Ashley. "NOW!"
The ride back to Nicki's house was silent. Drake was no where to be found, and he took the truck. So They rode in Swole's car. With Big Dream, following behind with a car full of merchandise. Nicki kept a good hold on Ashley the whole way there, trying to ease her anonymous pain. Once they had reached Nicki's house, Nicki and Ashley hopped out. They headed right upstairs to Nicki's room, leaving Big Dream and Swole with the bags. Once they were upstairs Nicki had gotten Ashley something to drink. She gave Ashley the refreshment, and waited for her to calm down. Nicki let Ashley have a little time to herself before going straight to the point. As Nicki closed her bedroom door, leaving Ashley to collect herself, she went down the hall to the guest room, trying to reach Drake. Of course she was worried about Ashley, but Drake was just as important.She tried calling him multiple times but she got no answer. She began to get worried, because she had clue what was going on. She was lost. As she gave up on the last try of calling Drake, she sat on the edge of the bed and took a deep breath. She was trying to make sense of everything that had took place from the mall, to here. Once she replayed all the events that took place, over and over again, she got an understanding. "The way they both began looking at each other, was extremely awkward. It was like they knew each other from previous events. Like they da-t-ed be-fore.!" Nicki's eyes got wide as she thought about what she had just said. It was all making sense to her now. "Ashley's move to Toronto... Drake living in Toronto... The way they were looking at each other..... Drake disappearing without notifying anyone!!" was Nicki's thoughts. "OMG!! They have dated before!!! And it must have been a serious relationship if this is what happens when they seen each other." Nicki stood up holding her head back and running her fingers through her hair. She began pacing the floor, but got interrupted by a knock on the door. "Come in!" Nicki said, giving permission. It was Swole. "Nicki all your bags are in the house. Oh and there's some one down stairs to see you." He said, giving his hand in guidance. Nicki took his hand, confused as she walked. As she passed by her room the door was open and there was no one in there. "Swole, where's Ashley?" Nicki asked. "Oh Don't worry about it. She's fine. Swole said, giving Nicki a convincing smile. As Swole led Nicki down the stairs Nicki could not believe what she was seeing. Her heart got choked up by her throat. "MOMMY! ASHLEY! DRAKE! OMG!!!............. what the hell is going on here!?" Nicki asked standing in front of her family, who were all standing right next to each other as if they were hiding something, in amazement! Ashley was just a smiling as so was everybody else! "Hi Nicki!" Ashley waved, showing a million dollar smile! "Hi Baby!" Ms. Carol spoke out with. "Hi Babe!" Drake said as he moved to the side. And out popped SB. "HI ONIKA!" SB said, holding out his arms for entrance. Nicki's eyes grew wide. Sparkling with joy, and excitement. She flew into SB's arms, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "FAREEEEEEEE!!!!!!OMG!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" Nicki squealed with excitement. "Well.. Why dont you ask him!" SB said, pointing to Drake. Nicki looked at Drake with a devious but sweet smile. "I Knew you had something to do with this! And yet, im upstairs thinking you and Ashley knew each other, and have dated in the past years. L0l. I-" Nicki was cut off by different types of "WHATS!" and "NO WAY!'s".  As they all began to put in their own comments, Nicki stopped them. "OK! OK!! But what i wanna know is....... WHY THE HECK ARE YALL HERE!............ not meaning to be disrespectful." Nicki said, following it up with a chuckle. Everyone looked at Drake and waited for him to explain. "Aw so yall just gone leave me hanging like dat!? lol............ I wasntdont care who planned it.......... As long as someone TELLS ME!" Nicki said, with a smile. "Ok, well since this is gunna be a long story. How about we have a seat first." Ms. Carol said, as she led everyone into the living room. Everyone sat down and made themselves comfortable, While Drake helped SB wag his things to the guest room. Nicki, Ashley, and Ms. Carol were all sitting downstairs, waiting on them and conversating. "Thanks Man." SB said, dapping Drake up. "No problem." Drake said, exiting the room. SB stopped him. "And Drake i really appreciate you being here for Nicki, while i was gone. It means a lot." SB said, while having a good grip on Drakes shoulder. "Aw man, don't mind it. I'll always be here for Nicki no matter what." Drake said, sincerely. "Iight cool............ Just promise me something man." SB said, with seriousness in his eyes. "What is it?" Drake responded. "Just..............Don't hurt Nicki man. She's been through more than enough with fucked up relationships. I mean i love that girl like my sister.And i just can't see her like that again." SB exclaimed. "Aw man, you aint neva gotta worry about that. I love Nicki with all my heart. I aint like them nigga's she had before. I love Onika. And imma try my hardest to keep her happy. But yea..you got my word. Iight." Drake stated, with passion. "But foreal doe, I Aint know SB, Da most ignorant nigga of them all, Was all soft and shit." Drake stated, chuckling in between words. "Aw naw nigga, Neva dat!" SB said, laughing, Then playfully slapping Drake. "AW YOU WANNA GO!" Drake yelled, Playfully moving his fist around, acting as if he was ready to fight. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YALL DOING UP THERE!! C'MON!!" Nicki yelled from the bottom of the stair case. SB And Drake froze and began laughing. "Man you need to control yo woman! Got her around her bossin you around and shit!" SB Said, following up with laughter. "Niggas, have u felt Nicki's punches lately!?" Drake said, laughing ans he led SB down the stairs. "Two black coons, acting a fool!" Nicki said, shaking her head as she walked back to the couch. SB whispered "Black Coons" to himself , and spoke out. "Yea dats rite!! "BC,s" run dis!!". Drake just looked at him and laughed. You a damn - I mean.... You crazy man!" Drake said, but corrected himself once he noticed Ms. Carol was in the room. Drake never cursed in front of his elders, and he really wasn't gunna do it in front of Nicki's mom. He still wanted to show Her that he was great for her daughter and that wasn't gunna work if he's over here calling people "Damn Fools" and what not. He just had to control his mouth. Drake plopped down next to Ms.Carol and spoke. "Ahem, And Nicki i dont think you should be cursing in front of my future mother in law! It's not polite." Drake said, giving Ms.Carol a million dollar smile, but receiving a not so nice look from Nicki. "Yes Nicki, i totally agree with Drake. WATCH YOUR DAMN MOUTH!" Ms.Carol stated. SB and Ashley Began to laugh under their breath, but stopped when they seen Nicki glaring at them. "Drake dont be tryna suck up!!! And you gettin me in trouble while doing it! Guess who's gunna be sleeping on the couch tonite." Nicki said, glaring at Drake. Drake gasped and put on a puppy dog face. "OK! Now back to what we are here for! Why are yall here? Nicki said, smiling. Everyone turned and focused their attention on Drake. "Well..... Since you know were going on vacation soon. I thought we might need a house sitter, and who better to sit your house then Your mom! And your two bestfriends?" Drake stated. "AWWWWWW!......... BUT WAIT HOW DID YOU GUYZ FIND ASHLEY!!! I HAVEN'T TALKED TO HER SINCE I WAS A TEEN!" Nicki said, smiling at Ashley. Well thats where i come in at!" Ms. Carol stated, raising her hand.She began to speak.  "When Drake called me and was telling me about all of this, the next day i get a call from Safaree telling me how he has gotten back in touch with Ashley, and she wants to come see me and you. So after that, i called Drake and asked him did he mind if your best friend came along with me, and he said it would be great, but he wanted to make it a surprise, as you can see, and the rest was left up to Drake." Nicki was just still in shock, that they did this. But most of all,She was shocked in how they got back in touched with Ashley. "But wait. What about Safaree? Faree, i know you didnt leave your mo-" Nicki began, but got cut off. "No Nicki, my mom is doing fine now. The doctors said she is in great health. So after i made sure she was comfortable at home and such, my sister came over and told me to LEAVE! lol. Yea, just like that. They told me that i have done enough and to go home and relax. So, i called homey ova here and told him to keep it a surprise for you, but he told me what he was working on himself, so all in all, IT WORKED OUT PERFECTLY!" SB said, dapping up Drake. Nicki just sat their smiling, with joy jumping all around inside her. (#PAUZ). She just couldn't believe Drake thought to do this all for her. And she knew it just wasn't so her family could sit her house. Drake did it because he knew she was still kind of worried and upset about the whole exposing of their relationship, and he wanted to make her happy. He knew that getting her best friend that she hasn't seen in ages, would have done the trick, so that's what he.... well him and Ms.Carol did. "Omg! Drake i can't believe you did this for me. This is so sweet and thoughtful. I love you sooo much!" Nicki said, getting up and jumping into Drakes lap, planting a kiss on his cheek. She was gonna save the rest for later. (Hehe). "But wait!! I understand you guyz did all of this for a surprise, but..... WHY DID YALL HAVE TO MAKE IT SO NERVE WRECKING! I mean... Ashley, were'd did you learn how to cry like that! I mean, just off the spot!! You had me scared to death!" Nicki said, chuckling in between words."Im sorry Nicki, but i had to make it look real right? I just started acting when i moved away. That was the only way i could keep myself busy. And as you can see, Ive gotten pretty good at it." Ashley said, smiling afterwards. Nicki walked over to Ashley and slapped her shoulder. Everyone laughed.  "OW! Nicki! What was that for?" Ashley said, playfully pushing Nicki. "Cuz your a meanie! Scaring me like that!" Nicki said, putting on a pouty face. "Awwwwwww, im sorry Nicki, but Drake said make it real so......" Ashley said, pointing to Drake. "WELL ENOUGH OF THIS! im starving! lets go get some food. Who's up for it?" Drake said serious, but mostly trying to change the subject. Everyone agreed and got up to go get themselves ready. Nicki went to show Ms. Carol and Ashley were they would be sleeping and Drake and SB carried the luggage up behind. Ashley kept going on and on about how beautiful the house was and how she was soo glad to be back with Nicki. Nicki showed her mom her room first and left her to get ready. Drake and SB went about their business and left Nicki and Ashley. Nicki helped Ashley put all of her stuff away while they conversated. "Well Ash, im gunna go get ready ok. Just come to my room if you need any help k." Nicki said, exiting the room. Ashley stopped her and puled her into a strong hug. "Ive missed you so much Nicki." Ashley said, still holding on to Nicki. Nicki smiled as a tear of joy escaped her eye. "Ive missed you too Ashley." Nicki stated. They both let each other go and to her room Nicki went. "Draaaake." Nicki sung out, closing her bedroom door behind her. "What i do now!?' Drake yelled from the bathroom. Nicki giggled, as she walked into the bathroom. "You haven't done anything but be the best boyfriend a girl could ever have!" Nicki said, hopping on the counter, and planting a kiss on Drake's lips. "Welllllll, I try my best you know." Drake said, smiling afterwards, then grabbing Nicki by her waist. Pulling her in for another kiss. Nicki pulled away and looked into Drake's eyes. "I love Drake." "I love you more Nicki. Now lets stop frolicking around so you can get ready! I haved to get my future Mother in law fed." Drake said, kissing Nicki on the forehead before leaving. Nicki Gasped. "What about me!" she whined. "Oh don't worry about that. Your gunna have some fine desserts tonight." Drake said winking at Nicki. Making her blush. "Drake why you gotta be so nasty!?" Nicki said giggling. "Oh if what you think i do now is nasty, then i must be FILTHY!" Drake said, licking his lips, which sent chills down Nicki's spine. She shook her head and threw a towel at him. "Close the door! lol" Nicki said, hopping of the counter. She turned on the shower, to a hot but relaxing temperature, undressed and then got in.

"There aren't any more wash towels in here. Shit!" Ashley said, exiting her room. She knocked on who she thought was Nicki's door but it turned out to be SB's room.  "What you want!" SB said, playfully. "Nigga you betta come again!" Ashley said, with a smirk on her face. "Ok ..................... What you want, Ashley.?" SB responded. Ashley rolled her eyes as she spoke again. "I need a towel!" "For what?" SB said, wanting to irritate Ashley. "JUST GIVE ME A TOWEL!" Ashley yelled. "Don't be yellin at me iight!" SB said, before turning around to get Ashley what she asked for. "Well maybe if you did what the hell i asked you the first time, i wouldn't have to yell." Ashley mumbled to herself. "A BIG TOWEL OR A WASH TOWEL?" SB yelled from the bathroom. Ashley walked into his room and responded. "WASH!". Ashley stood their tapping her foot waiting on him. Ashley and Safaree also are very close. Back then it was always just Him,Ashley,and Nicki. And SB and Ashley always did have a thing for each other but never did wanna show it. But Nicki always could tell. "Here big head!" SB said, chucking the towel at Ashley. "What took yo ass so long! Next time HURRY UP!" Ashley said, with a smirk. "Yea wateva! You betta be lucky i got yo butt anything!" SB said, following Ashley to the door, with a smile. "Boy you know you loooove me!" Ashley said, teasing him. "Haha! Yea.............. But Ashley, im glad to see you again. Its been a long time." SB said, sincerely. Ashley smiled. "Awwwwwwwwww. You getting soft now Faree?" Ashley said, poking SB in his abdomen. "WTF!! Thats the second time somebody then said that to me!! A "BC" cant have a damn heart!?" SB said, laughing. Ashley looked at SB and shook her head. " "BC"?? LAWD! Look what Nicki done did!" Ashley said, busting out in laughter afterwards. "She looked into SB's eyes and responded. "Its good to see you again too Faree."   They parted their ways.

About an hour later.................

"So, Drake where did you go when you just aborted me at the mall!? lol" Nicki asked, as she applied her eye liner on in the mirror. "Haha! I didnt abort you babe! I went to go pick up Safaree and Your mom! I could never abort you baby!" Drake said, laughing. Nicki came out of the bathroom all primped and ready to go. "Yea! Watever. Haha" Nicki said, walking to get her purse. She was dressed in a beautiful Black dress with some sparkly silver shoes, completed with a few accessories and light make-up. She looked beautiful. Nicki sprayed some of her chloe perfume, and made her way over to Drake. "You like?" Nicki said doing a 360 around Drake. "I LOVE IT!" Drake said, stopping her and pulling her in for a kiss. Nicki giggled. "You don't look so bad yourself!" Nicki said, wrapping her arms around Drake's neck. "Well you know i gotta keep up with my lady!" Drake said, smiling as he swayed Nicki back and forth. "Haha! Your Right." Nicki responded. "But really..... Thank you Drake for doing all of this. It was so thoughtful of you." Nicki said, laying her head on his chest. "Oh don't worry about it babe. All i wanna do is just make you happy." Drake said, kissing Nicki's head. Nicki raised her head, and smiled. "I love you." "I love you too. Now lets go downstairs and wait for these people. IM STARVING!" Drake said, grabbing Nicki hand. As they walked down the stairs, all eyes were on them. Turns out, the people were waiting on them. "ITS ABOUT TIME!" Ms.Carol said, with a smirk. Nicki laughed. "Im sorry mommy." Nicki said, walking over to her mom kissing her on the cheek. "Yea Yea. Now can we please go! Im starving!" SB said, sitting awfully close to Ashley, who was looking stunning. "Where are we going?" Ashley said. "Oh i have this amazing restaurant for us to go to. We wont be bothered, and their food is the bomb!" Drake said, getting everyone excited. "Well what are we waiting for? Let's go." Safaree stated, walking to the door. Ms.Carol, laughed, and spoke out. "Yes Nicki. Please. Lets go get this boy something to eat!" Everyone laughed as they stood to their feet. And out the door they went. ♥

  U guyz i am soooooooooooooooo sorry for the wait. Ive just have not been able to focus, and Twitter, Nicki, and U GUYZ!!! Yea #TeamMinaj are the blame!! L0l. JK. but once again i apologize for the wait, but i hope you guyz enjoyed this chapter!! And trust me their LOTS MORE SURPRISES TO COME! So Stay tuned! ILYG! Muuuuuuah! ♥ xoxoxoxo


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