Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love And Happiness

*Sigh*. Nicki pulled her head up slowly to look at Drake. "No, Not yet babe." She said softly. "I just want us to take our time you know. I want our 1st time to be special." She said, snuggling closer to Drake's chest. At this point they were laying on the bed and Nicki continued to speak. "Yea i understand babe." Drake said pulling Nicki closer. "I want, candles,rose pedals,strawberries,whip cream,chocolate syrup," She gave Drake a sexy look and licked her lips. Nicki kept going on, before she was interrupted. "Oh word???? I see you baby. You got a lil freak in you huh?" Nicki looked at him and laughed. "You'll see when that time comes. And if imma freak, then so are you! Cause basically everything i just named, you got downstairs rite now! So #SitYoAssDoooowwwwnnnnn!" Drake gave Nicki a seductive look, and began to respond. "Baby i neva said i wasn't a freak!" Nicki couldn't help but to burst out into laughter. "Drake you are too much!" Nicki said, holding her stomach trying to ease the pain. "That's not good! Cause if im too much, then how u gone handle me when that time comes?" Drake said, wiggling his eyebrows up and down. "Don't you worry about that. I can do things you aint neva seen before okay." Nicki said, teasing him. Placing her velumpciuous lips against his, before getting up and running to the bathroom. "Where you goin babe??" Drake said, clearing his throat, that Nicki just made dry with her words. "Gotta tinkle." Nicki stated in her sweet baby voice. Drake shook his head and laid back on the bed. His face lit up with joy and excitement. Words couldn't explain how happy he was now that he and Nicki discussed an issue that had been taunting him since they started dating, and even before that, when he fantasized. (lol) He was also happy that he had just planned a vacation for them to get away from all the madness that just happened the day before. Now all he had to do was present her with the astonishing news,and let the rest have it. As Drake heard the toilet flush, he hopped to his feet. Positioning himself at the door waiting on Nicki to open it. "WTF Drake!" Nicki said startled, and looked at him like he was stupid. Drake just laughed. He knew that what he was about to tell Nicki, was gonna make her spazz out. "Babe, haven't you ever wanted to go to Hawaii? No better yet the Bahama's." Drake said, giving Nicki a cute grin. "Of course! Just Never had the time to you know." Nicki said, making her way back to the bed. Drake followed behind her. "Oh that's too bad.................... Well now you can! So get packing." Drake said, hopping to his feet and walking to Nicki's closet. Nicki sat in the bed looking confused. She hopped to her feet and followed Drake. "Drake? What are you talking about?" She asked but kind of already knew what he was getting at. "WERE GOING ON A VACATION BABE!!!!!" Drake yelled. Grabbing Nicki and embracing her with a huge hug. " Drake, You better not be bull shitting me!" Nicki said, giving Drake "The Look". Drake laughed before responding. "Nicki. I'm serious. Were going to Hawaii and then the Bahama's for a couple days!" Drake said, with a huge smile on his face. But it dropped once he noticed Nicki's expression upon her face. "Babe! What's wrong? Don't you wanna go and get away from all this mess?" Drake said, with a sad expression. "Of course i wanna go, but." Nicki stopped. "But what???" Drake said, now coming closer to Nicki. Drake put his hand under Nicki's chin to make eye contact. Nicki's face became distressed. "BUT............. I NEED TO GO SHOPPING FIRST!!!!!!" Nicki said, giving Drake memorable hugs,kisses,thank you's, and i love you so much's. Drake sighed of relief, because he thought Nicki was gunna turn down his offer. As Nicki composed herself. She glanced across the closet and spotted the Versaci lingerie set, and Versaci pumps Drake had gotten her, for what was supposed to be a special night. She had taken it off so she wouldn't get it ruffled up, and placed it back in the closet for a more special moment. As Nicki walked over to the lingerie set and the pumps. Drake's eyes followed her. Nicki took them into her hand and began to speak, while Drake was making his way over to her. "Well........ Look like this is coming with me!" She said, smiling at Drake. "And what are you gunna do with that?" Drake asked, biting Nicki's ear and holding her waist. Nicki bit her lip. "I don't know. Maybe it could come in handy!" Nicki said, giving Drake "The Look" (Not the one before) that made him tremble inside. Nicki always knew how to keep Drake going, and he loved it! "Well in that case. Imma need to go pick up some more!" Drake stated, before planting a kiss on Nicki's soft lips. After the 5minute's they spent kissing. Nicki looked into Drake's eyes and seen LOVE! Of course she loved Drake but this love that she just seen was special! She didn't know what it meant but she was sure enough eager to find out! After Nicki was done examining the love that she had seen in Drake's eyes. She began to get tired! It was 12:04, and usually by now. Her and Drake would be cuddled up next to each other! Or knocked out. "You okay babe?" Drake said, intertwining his hand with hers. Drake was so sweet. "Yea i'm okay. I'm just exhausted! Can you carry me to bed daddy?" Nicki asked in her baby voice while producing cirlcles on his shirt with her pink nails. "Hahaha. Anything for my queen." Drake said, sweeping Nicki off her feet and placing her on the bed. "Thank you." Nicki said, making herself comfortable. "Your welcome babe. I'll be back. gotta tinkle!" Drake said, mocking Nicki from earlier. Nicki just plopped her head back on the pillow and laughed! As Drake came out from doing his business. He seen a peacefully sleeping Nicki layed on the bed. Snuggled up in the blanket. Drake walked over and placed a kiss on her for head. Before jumping in bed with her. He just stared at Nicki. Thanking the great lord up above for bringing him this beautiful angel sleeping upon him. He was greatful. "Stop staring at me. It's kinda creepy!" Nicki said, flicking his nose. " Hahahaha . You lil faker. But im sorry babe! I just can't help it. Your just so..... Beautiful. It's pathetic." Drake said, caressing Nicki's face. A huge smile appeared on Nicki's face. "I love you Drake!" Nicki said, looking into his eyes sincerely. "I love you too Nicki! More than you can ever imagine!" Drake said, still caressing her soft Chloe perfume scented skin. "I know. Now lets get some sleep! We gotta go shopping tomorrow. Remember?" Nicki said, pecking his lips before snuggling up to him and closing her eye's. "Your wish is my command." Drake said, kissing her for head. He joined her in a peaceful sleep.

The Next morning................

 "Babe, come on!! You need to get up! We have to go!" Nicki said, hitting Drake in his head with her fluffy pink pillow that she had gotten from one of her beloved fans. Nicki repeated this until Drake responded with. "Nicki. If you hit me with that damn pillow one more time! Imma-" Drake was cut off. "Your gunna what?" Nicki said, giving him "The Look" while placing her hands on her hips. "I'm gunna do this!" Drake said, while playfully pulling Nicki on top of him. "Drake! Hahahaha Stop! hahahaha.Let me go!" Nicki said, gasping for air. "You promise your not gonna hit me again?" Drake said, still tickleing Nicki. "YES!YES!YESSS! Im gonna stop!"Nicki said, kicking and punching the air trying to get away. As Drake released her. Nicki fell straight to the ground. "*Gasp* Thancks a lot Drake for releasing me safely!" Nicki said sarcasticly, Getting up. Drake was just laughing his ass off. Trying to catch his breath. "ITS NOT FUNNY COCK ROCKET!" Nicki said, making a pouty face. "LOL. Im sorry babe." Drake said, sitting up, kissing Nicki's lips. "Yeah! You should be!Now can you please get up and get dressed so we can go?!" Nicki said,looking up into his eyes and hugging his waist. "Okay.Okay. I'll be done in like an hour." Drake said, making his way to the bathroom. "AN HOUR? Nigga you betta make it 30min!" Nicki said, with her hands on her hips. Nicki was a fiesty lil lady! "Okay! i'll be done in 2 hours." Drake said, nonchalantly. "DRAKE!!!!!" Nicki yelped. "Hahaha. I'm just kidding babe.I'll be done as soon as i can." Drake replied.

Nicki began making her way downstairs, after grabbing her phone,keys, and other such necessities. As she walked down the stairs,A spotless living room came into view.As she made her way to the kitchen, she noticed that was spotless aswell. "I don't remember cleaning lastnight." Nicki whispered to herself. But then "He" came in mind. Nicki just smiled to herself while taking in the sweet aroma of lavender from last night. She remembered every little detail,action,and movement. She was just so lucky to have a man that was like Drake. He had his own characteristics. His own swagg. Drake's characteristics just could never compare to anyone else.And thats what Nicki admired about him the most! As she opened the fridge to find something to snack on before they left.She spotted all the desserts from last night. Her eyes went bizerk, as they jumped from the Chocolate covered strawberries,and bounced to the cup cakes that were never touched. Nicki was very tempted. But she knew that wasn't a good idea. She had an experience when she was younger about eating sweets for breakfast.(l0l) She couldnt sit down,She wouldnt go to sleep for like 2 days,And she was just bouncing off the walls. She told herself she would never do it again. But she was grown now,and she was just sooo............ tempted. As she reached for the cupcake,she jumped at the sound of  Drake's loud voice. "UH-UH-UHHHH! you know what sweets do to you Onika!" Drake blurted out,sounding like her father. "SO!" Nicki said, with a cupcake in one hand and her phone in the other. "SO............ Put it back!" Drake said, walking over to Nicki trying to remove the cupcake. But Nicki snatched away. "ONIKA TANYA MARAJ! If you don't give me that cupcake!" Drake said, now chasing Nicki around the bar. They were running and laughing at the same time.Nicki began to run out of breath so she stopped, making Drake run into her.They both collapsed to the ground dying of laughter. "And i still got my cupcake! NA!" Nicki said,sticking out her toungue. "Nicki! You can have as many cupcakes as you want.But just remember i warned you!" Drake said,playfully but serious at the same time. Nicki just laughed. "Drake! that was 18 years ago!!! I'm pretty sure i know how to controll my sugar intake by now!" Nicki said,chuckling in between words before taking a bite out of the cupcake. "So....... You wanted me to hurry up so we can go, but now you wanna lay on the floor and eat cupcakes?*L0L*Make up ya mind woman!!" Drake said, waving his hands in the air. "You know what!" Nicki said, giving him "The Look". "NO! what?" Drake said leaning his head toward Nicki's to get a finger full of icing on his nose. "Aye! Nicki com'on!!" Drake said,hesitating to remove the icing off of his nose. "I'm sorry babe, let me get that for you." Nicki said, before removing the icing with her mouth. "Oh word??" Drake said, raising his eyebrows and getting excited. "What? You weren't gunna take it off soo......." Nicki said, placing herself on her feet. Drake repeated the movement, and then imbraced Nicki with a big hug. "What was that for?" Nicki said, looking at drake confused. "I don't know......... Just for being Onika Tanya Maraj,the most beautiful girl in the world. My Girl! Nicki just looked at him and smiled. "Drake. Your just so sweet! I love you!" Nicki said, before placing a gentle kiss on his lips. "Now lets go!" Nicki said, gathering her things and tossing the cupcake in the trash. They were on there way.

The ride to the stores were very talkative. They shared conversation about what the trip was going to be like.And how much fun it was gunna be, as well as the activities. Nicki just was so anxious to get away! She just knew it was gunna be amazing! Especially since she was gunna be with her boo. "Yea! Big dream we bout to pull in da parking lot rite now. Meet us in lot B iight." Drake stated, as he parked the car. "Big dream needa step his bodyguard game up!!! Got me waitin in a parking lot! Fuck wrong with him?" Nicki hissed, shaking her head, while fidgiting in her purse. Drake just looked at her and laughed. "So babe. What you gunna get in here?" Drake said, while reading a text. "I don't know. Clothes,Jewelery,Bikini's,Clothes,Shoes,Clothes,And.......................... Oh yea! That new perfume by Mariah - Forever. Yea dat shit smells AMAZING!" Nicki stated, while looking in her mirror,and applying more of her "Pink Friday" lipstick. That's something Nicki could just not leave out the house without. She had to have it! "But Daddy. You know when we go in here its going to be fucking hectic!!! I mean i probobly wont even be able to shop! And now that the whole entire world know Drake is my man! This shopping trip is going to be really ............................... INTERESTING!" Nicki said, with tons of hand movements. "Your man huh? I like the way that sounds coming out of your mouth."(Pauz) Drake said expressing his feeling with a kiss. Once Drake let Nicki's lips free, They heard a knock on the window. Drake rolled down the window to see It was Big Dream. "Alright love birds! Let's go!" Stated Big Dream. Nicki looked at him like he was stupid and stated, "Nigga! I know yo ass aint rushing nobody!!! Had me sitting in this damn parking lot for fucking 30minutes!!! Next time we give you a specific time to be somewhere! Please follow the directions!!! Is that understood!! Nicki hissed! "Yes Ma'am." Big Dream said, with a understanding look. He was kinda of used to this though. He always seemed to do something wrong in Nicki's eyes that made him get cursed out, or embarrased by her. He just had to suck it up and do what he was told, because he actually did love his job. As Big Dream helped Nicki out the car, Drake was getting prepared for what he was about to see as they walked into the mall. "Come on babe!" Nicki said, trying to see what he was doing. Drake hopped out of the car and they began walking to the mall entrance.

"NICKIIII!" "OMG! IT IS TRUE!" "SHE'S IS SOOO FUCKING HOT!" "DRAKE I LOOVE YOU!" NICKI CAN YOU SIGN MY BOOB!" "DRAKE! I WANNA HAVE YO BABY!" Were the things Nicki and Drake heard as they made their way into the mall. Lights flashing.People everywhere. Screams. Tuggs and pulls were what they also experienced making their way through the crowd. "NICKI YOU OKAY?" Drake yelled. "IM FINE BABE! JUST KEEP WALKING!" Nicki replied, jumping over Big Dream, and Swole's arms. Swole was another one of their body guards. His name fit his description to a T. "EVERYBODY BAG THE FUCK UP!!!!!!" Big Dream hissed as he tried to protect Nicki And Drake with his best ability! While Nicki was signing Boobs,Caps,Shirts,Faces and everything else. Drake had already made clear from the loving and dangerous fans. He just stood back and watched Nicki kiss and hug her fans. She was soo sweet to her fans.It was like her fans gave her life that nobody else could. Nicki loved her fans to the upmost and Drake always knew it would stay that way. He just loved his woman!!! "I LOVE YOU GUYZ!! #Muah #Muah #Muaaahhh!" Nicki said, as she was forced to leave her fans. The look on her face was priceless! It was a look between hella happy, but sad at the same time. "*Sigh* Swole, you act like i couldnt just have 3 more minutes with my Barbz!!!" Nicki said, playfully rolling her eyes. "Nick! Now you know if we would have given you anymore time. You wouldve took one of them home with yo ass!!" Swole said, folding his arms. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA" They all broke out into laughter!!! "And if i did so what! I cant help how i feel about my barbz!!!!" Nicki said, with a giggle but with lots of emotion. "Thats our point!! you can't help it! So if we would have left you over their any longer, yo ass wouldve adopted some damn kids! and prolly some damn adults!!!" Big Dream said, laughing in between words. Nicki gave him a playful punch while Drake scooped Nicki up in a hug. "Leave my baby alone!!! She just loves her fans that's all!!! And yall nigga's need tah love her fans too. Cuz if it wasn't for those sweet kids! YALL FAT ASSES WOULDNT EVEN BE HERE!!!" Drake stated. Nicki hid her face in Drakes jacket and giggled. "AYE NIGGA!! We aint fat!!! we is muscular iight!!!" Big Dream hissed while Swole nodded! "OH WORD? well can you two muscular niggas do ya job cuz i got shit i need to buy!!!! So lets go!!" Nicki stated while walking away, and the men began to follow.

      "Aye babe! Imma go hit up this store over here with Big Dream. I'll be back in like 10minutes okay." Drake said, kissing Nicki on the cheek. "Okay babe just hurry back cause this is my last store. I got just about everything i need. And my feet are fucking killing me!!!!" Nicki said pointing to the 50 something bags Big Dream And Swole were carrying as well as holding her feet. "L0L. okay babe! i'll be quick i promise." And with that, Drake and Big Dream  were gone, leaving Nicki and Swole with the bags. Mostly swole. "Swole what do you think about this?" Nicki said, holding up a dress to her frail but bodacious body. "UMMM.. Nicki. Do you really need anything else? I mean damn! Im dying ova here!!!" Swole said, quivering from the weight of the tons of bags. Nicki couldn't help but to burst out into laughter! "BWAHAHAHA!!! Im sorry big baby!!!" Nicki said, giggling. "BUT THIS IS WHAT YO ASS GET PAID $450 DOLLARS AN HOUR FOR!!! YOU GOT ALL DEM DAMN MUSCLES ND SHIT!!! USE'EM!!!!" Nicki said, with a jokeful but blunt attitude. Swole just looked away. "I'm just kidding Swole. You know i appreciate you and Big Dream both. I just let my emotions get the best of me." Nicki said, while browsing through more clothes. "Nick i understand. Cause trust me if i didnt. i would have been left yo ass!!!" Swole said, making laughter erupt in both of them. (Pauz) Nicki was still browsing through the clothes, when she noticed a girl who looked very familiar. She didn't want to pay her a lot of attention, because she thought she recognize people everywhere she went. But for some reason she just couldn't let this one go. But hey. She just wasn't walk up to a stranger and start asking her questions. That just wasn't her. But when the familiar girl turned her head. Nicki got a better look, and FREAKED OUT!!!!! "AS-ASH-AASSHHLLEEYY!!!!!!" Nicki said, running towards this now recognized girl!!! When Ashley turned around, she too recognized Nicki, dropped her bags, and then returned the favor. Nicki and Ashley clashed together into a hug!!!!! "OMG!!!!!!!! NICKI!!! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN FUCKING AGES!!!" Ashley said, still attached to Nicki. At this point Nicki was crying. She was just overwhelmed with this amazing,Heart warming, and reuniting feeling. Ashley was Nicki's best friend but more like sister when they were younger. I mean they were like two peas in a pod!! They did everything together!!! But then Ashley moved to Toronto. That really destroyed Nicki!!! I mean yea sure Nicki still had Safaree but, Nicki loved Ashley like a sister!!! She was just devestated and hurt about the whole thing. But after a while she lost contact with Ashley and they haven't talked since. So now that she is reunited it just feels......... AMAZING!!!"OMG!!! Ashley were have you been?" Nicki said, wiping away her tears. Ashley couldn't respond. She just gave Nicki a hug again and they stayed that way until Drake appeared. "HEY NI-Cki. Who's This?" Drake said, coming back earlier than expected. When Nicki and Ashley unattached, they both turned around to Drake. "Babe. This is my BestFriend but mostly sister, Ashley. Ashley this is Drake." Nicki said, sniffing trying to pull herself together. Drake was standing their looking like he seen a ghost! He couldnt believe his eyes!

-@MINAJ_believer: TBC........................ Hehehehehe. sorry it took so long. Stay tuned!! #Muah  :-+


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