Friday, February 4, 2011

Caught Up In The Moment

The next morning , Nicki woke up feeling refreshed and brand new ! She had decided to make herself and SB some chocolate chip waffles for breakfast , along with some scrambled eggs. "SB , breakfast is ready!" Nicki yelled , as she stood at the bottom of the stairs. SB came rushing down the stairs in a white T-shirt that said " I'm ignorant , what are you?" and some blue and black sweat pants to match. As SB rushed over to get his breakfast off the counter, he had realized he didn't say good morning to Nicki! SB walked over to Nicki ,  who was now sitting on the couch Indian style, eating her breakfast and watching T.V. "Good morning Nicki!" SB said with excitement as he sat beside her. "Good morning SB. Hows your breakfast?" Nicki said as she sat up. "Well you know, it could be a little bit better. The waffles are soggy , and the eggs are a wee bit too salty!" SB said as he tried to keep a straight face. Nicki gave him a evil glare. "Well next time, you get up and make your own got damn breakfast! Okay!" Nicki said , as she chucked a pillow at him. "NO, Nicki, I'm only kiddin! Its delicious! Thank you." SB said as he held Nicki's hand. She looked at him and smiled. When they were done, SB took the dishes to the sink and began washing them, as Nicki went upstairs to get herself primped for the day. She had planned on staying at home all day, and relaxing since she had to leave for New York tomorrow. But she had promised Kanye that she would put a feature in for him on his new single, so she wanted to get started before she left. As she walked to her closet to pick out a fitted T-shirt and some jeans, her phone began to ring. She rushed back to her night stand , when she seen it was Drake."Hello." Nicki said in her British accent. "Hey nick, watchu up to? Drake said, as he laughed. "Oh nuthin, just pickin out some clothes to wear today.What about you?" Nicki said as she searched her fully loaded closet. " Nuttin much just was gonna go hit the studio today. you know tryin to make another numba 1 hit! you feel me!" Drake said as he laughed. "Oh really, well i was gunna hit the studio today too!" Nicki replied. " Oh word, well maybe we can both go together, you know, that's if you felt like it ?" Drake said, hoping Nicki would say yes. " Hmmmmm, i dont know Drake, i need to concentrate while I'm making perfection, and you is just to damn goofy for me!" Nicki said, as she laughed. "Come on, pleeeaaasssee!" Drake pleaded. Nicki gave in. "Alright, i guess so!" Nicki said, as she sighed. Drake was incredibly happy! Even though he was gunna see Nicki tomorrow, he still loved spending time with her. As Drake began to calm down, he asked Nicki what time did she want to be picked up? "Ummmm, i don't know lyk around 2, 2:30." Nicki said. "Oh , okay, sounds good, so I'll pick you up then." Drake replied " Alright , Nicki said, as her cheeks began hurting from smiling so much. "See you then!" As they both hung up, Nicki began to get very happy. She loved spending time with drake because it seemed like they had everything in common. They both were funny, they both like the same things, and they both just loved to have fun and live life to the fullest. As Nicki began searching her closet again for something more special to wear for Drake, SB was coming up the stairs. "Yo Nicki, were you at?" SB yelled. "I'm in my closet, come here!" Nicki demanded. As SB walked in her room, he noticed Nicki was extremely happy. " Wats up wit you Nicki, why you smilin and shit?" SB said, as he laughed. "What are you talkin about? I'm fine!" Nicki replied. "Yeah, i can see dat!" SB said sarcastically. They both laughed. "Where you going, i thought we was just gone sit around, and chill today?" SB asked, sounding concerned. "I'm going to the studio with Drake!" Nicki said as she closed the bathroom door, leaving SB outside. "Oh, so dats why yo ass so happy and shit! You goin to see Drizzy (also known as Drake). "Safaree , You are a nut (PAUZ)! You know me and Drake are just friends!" Nicki yelled, as she cut on the shower. "Yeah , dats not what Drake thinks! Don't come back here pregnant , Onika (Nicki's Real Name)! Cuz i ain't raising no babies!" SB said, sounding like Nicki's father, but playfully. " Okay, you know Safaree, ima need you to #SITYOASSDOWN (A term Nicki and the barbz/kenbarbz use)!" Nicki said as she laughed! "I'm serious Nicki!" SB said, still laughing. "SB, get outta my room, i need to get in da shower!" Nicki yelled trying to over talk the running water. "Iight , I'll leave, but trust me, i will be back!" SB said, as he "tried" to pimp walk out the room. Nicki couldn't help but laugh. As she got in her steaming hot shower, she thought about how much fun her and Drake were gunna have. She knew she wasn't gunna be able to get any work done with Drake being there, but she didn't mind. She would have Kanye's feature primped and ready by the time he wanted it.

                 About a half an hour later........................................

Nicki was all ready to go as she sat on the couch waiting for Drake. She was wearing a hot pink graphic T, that said "You can't touch this" and some tightly fitted skinny jeans. She had on light makeup, which made her feel even more comfortable. She decided she wasn't gunna wear anything too special because she didn't want Drake to get the wrong idea, so she just decided to wear something simple. As Nicki got up to go get something to drink, the doorbell rung. As she opened the door she saw drake standing there in a plain white T, and some loosely fitted denim jeans. Nicki stood there thinking to herself, "how can someone look this good, and not even try to!" To Nicki he would looked sexy even if he was dressed in his pajamas."So, you ready to go?" Drake asked Nicki, as he woke her up out her daze. " Oh yea, let me just get my things." As Drake followed behind Nicki back into the house, he couldn't help but to stare at her as she walked away. He thought she was the most beautiful girl in the whole world, and no one would change his mind! "SB I'm about to go! I'll be back later!" Nicki yelled, as she tried to get SB's attention. SB came running down the stairs to say goodbye to Nicki, and say hi to Drake. " Heeyy! Wassup, man!" SB yelled, as he gave Drake a manly handshake. "Hey, wassup SB man, its been a long time!" Drake replied as he returned the favor. "Okay, well SB I'm gone. We should be back a little later. Okay!" Nicki said as she was headed for the door. "Alright, remember we got a plane to catch in the morning so don't be out to late!" SB said. "Who are you, my mother?" Nicki said, as she laughed. "Bye, Nicki!" SB said, as he laughed and shut the door behind Nicki and Drake. "So, that's a crazy best friend you got there!" Drake said, as he laughed. "Yeah, i know, but i lov'em any way!" Nicki replied back as she put her seat belt on. The ride to the studio was very talkative between Nicki and Drake! They were laughing and carrying on about memories they had shared in the past. As they pulled up in the parking lot of the studio, there was no one there, so this meant they didn't have to wait. Drake began making his way over to the passenger side to open the door for Nicki. "Thank you ." Nicki said as she was helped out of the car by Drake. "Your welcome." Drake said as he stared into Nicki's beautiful brown eyes. As they walked into the studio together, Nicki noticed it was cold. And she hated being cold! "OH my god! why is it so freakin cold in here?" Nicki complained. " I got just the thing you need!" Drake said, as he walked back to his car. He came back with a blanket and handed it to Nicki. " I thought it might have been cold in here so i brought a blanket for you, since i know you hate being cold!" Drake said , as he rapped the blanket around Nicki. She began to smile, while looking into his eyes. "Thank you! That was very considerate of you, Drake!" She said. As she began walking over to the couch to sit down and begin writing, she noticed again, how sexy Drake was as began to operate the temperature controls. At that very moment she knew the feelings she had for Drake were real, but she didn't feel it was right to express them. Drake began walking over to Nicki and flopped down beside her. "So .... watchu workin on?" Drake asked Nicki, as he began to get comfortable on the couch. Nicki was feeling a tingly sensation in her body as he scooted closer to her. "UMMM, this feature for Kanye. He,he wanted me to do one for his new single." Nicki said as she stuttered. "Are you okay?" Drake asked Nicki. "Yeah, I'm fine." Nicki said shaking as Drake took her hand into his. The room felt like it was getting smaller and smaller by the minute and Nicki couldn't take it! "Umm, I'm just gunna go get a drink of water rite quick. I'll be rite back." Nicki said as her voice trembled. Every time Drake touched her she felt like there were a million angels surrounding here, like she had everything she needed rite their at that very moment. Nicki got up, and was headed to the bathroom. She looked into the mirror and stared at her beautiful face. She began thinking to herself "why are you scared of him? he just wants to give you love you deserve! just let him in!" As she pulled herself together she began walking back to the studio. "You okay?" Drake said, sounding concerned. "Yea, I'm fine just needed to get some water, that's all." Nicki said as she sighed. As she was walking back towards him she could feel her throat tightening up again and so could he. They were both nervous but they just didn't want to show it. "So let's get-" Nicki had tripped over something and fell rite into Drakes lap. They both sat their, staring into each others eyes. Somehow their faces began to move closer and closer, and the next thing they knew, they were locking lips. Drake couldn't believe this was happening and neither could Nicki! Nicki backed away and began to shake her head. "I can't do this." She said looking down. Drake put his hand under her chin, making her look into his eyes. She tried to resist him but she couldn't. As they began to kiss more passionately, Drake rolled Nicki on her back, as her hovered over her, kissing her in all the right places. Nicki let out soft moans as Drake began lifting up her shirt, kissing her stomach. They were so busy enjoying each others pleasure, they didn't recognize someone was coming down the hall. At this point Nicki's shirt was all the way off and so was Drake's. As the door nob began to turn slowly, Nicki and Drake stopped caressing each other, and looked at each other in amazement!!!!!!


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  1. Yum! Choco chip waffles!!!!! Drake and Nicki have sucj a good relationship! Good thinking Drake because my HB does NOT like cold! That id why on My Time Now hwne she was in the studio she pulled out a giant blanket XD

    Nicki, I think Super Bass is a good song to use right now: Boy you got my heartbeat running away beating like a drum and it's coming your way! Don't be so nervous! Listen to yourself! All Drake is trying to do is give you the love you deserve! Stop over thinking and dive in!

    And boy did yall dive in! That was cute and it was leading up to something I was totally ready for but then here came that distraction -___- But I wonder who that is that's about to enter the room.....but nevertheless Drake Nicki when you're in that kind of situation you don't just sit there and stare at each other! You move and get dresseed! Smh lol it's otay ya'll will learn

    LOVED IT! Can't wait for the next one! -MinajikalMuzik

  2. Thanx you so much for taking the time out to read my blog!barb, i really appreciate it. #muah!!!

  3. I love thisss!
    Ohh drake and Nicki feeling all on each otherr i wonder whos at tue door, nicki u better put ur shirt back on girl. Dont hesitate to let drake in he really cares for u! He was so sweet to think about bringing the blanket!
    Update soon barb!
    P.s. i hope you could take the time to read my dricki story, if ur interested hit me up @TeamPinkFriday

    againn i love thiss! (:

  4. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! im mad i took so long 2 read this!!!!!!!!!!!! coco in waffles! yes! & she knew them @ the studio was a bad idea!!!!!! no work is gettin done!!! hahahahah i wonder whos comin in cuz if its kanye he aint sayin huttin. he likes naked ppl!!!! hahahahahahahaha keep goin boo i looooove it! #teamdricki1

  5. L0L! ur crzy!! but thanx!! i really appreciate it!! #muah =)

  6. Really MB, 'temperature controls'? Hahahah

    Ayo, this chapter waz really interested. Now yhu got me wanting sum waffles lol! Yes SB, #SitchoAssDown cuz yhu iz not nobody parent.
    Yeah Drake yhu betta had brought a blanket for my mama, yhu kno she hates the cold. Im real eager to see who it iz at da door. If itz Kanye hiz azz prolly not gone do nuttin but be lyk 'Aye can I join in?' *Ye shug*
    Iight Loved this chapter update soon baby gurl.


  7. whats yall problem? you dont just look at each other in amazement!!!!!! drake u need 2 get off nicki!! someone is coming put yal shirts back on NOW!! lol but other then that AWESOME