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It's Time !

OKAY, guyz, i am sooooo sorry all the delays on the updates. I have just been so busy with papers, studying, volleyball, n etc. So from now on, i'll just tweet or inform you guys when i have updated, k.Hope you guyz will forgive me! *Puppy dog eyes*. But here is the next chapter following "BUSTED!!" Im going to make this one much longer. Also i think this is the best chapter yet. But you guyz tell me what you think! So hope you enjoy. And if you guyz want to read more awesome #DRICKI fics here they are! ---------------> (This is my best fran and her story is amazing! go check it out)  N Http:// (OMGEEE, i love this story! its sooo........... #FETCH.! GO check it out!). Oh n 1 more thing i wanna S/O MY BESTEST BARB, LISPIE A.K.A @TeamMINAJ_PYB for S/O me out on her story! l0l. But enough chat here it is! HOPE YOU ENJOY!  #MUAHH

 As the camera lights flashed through the living room window, Nicki and Drake ran upstairs to get away from the commotion. "I can't believe this!" Nicki said, shaking her head. As Drake flopped down on the edge of the bed, he pulled Nicki along with him. "I mean i know its fucked up, but it was gone be out in public soon anyway! How long do you think people wouldn't recognize the way i look at you, or better yet the way we look at each other! They were gonna find out something was up." Drake said, trying to make Nicki feel better. "Yea i guess your right, But now that its out in the open we got a lot of explaining to do!" Nicki said, sounding worried, and now sitting on drakes lap. "What do you mean?" Drake said, sounding concerned." Our families our gonna be pissed to know that we kept it from them this long!" Nicki said, sounding worried.
"DAMN! Your right!" Just then Drake got an idea. "But they don't have to know when we got together.  "Drake said,raising his eyebrow at Nicki. "Drake, you know i hate lying to my family! I can't do that!" Nicki replied. "Yea, i guess your right. Well were just gunna have to deal with the consequences then." Drake said, with a sigh. "Yea that sounds much better." Nicki said, with a half smile.

NEXT DAY............

For two hours straight, Nicki and Drakes phones were ringing off the hook! They couldn't remember how many times they had cursed out somebody that day. It just infuriated Nicki that she could never have any privacy in the world of fame. She was tired of all eyes on her, and she just wanted some privacy. Nicki had shared this with Drake earlier that day and he completely understood. He wanted Nicki to stop worrying, and he had the perfect way for her to break free from this agitating news. "Umm, Nicki, i gotta make a run. You'll be okay here by yourself right?" Drake said, trying to sound convincing. But he knew what he was doing. "huuuhh, I guess so. Just hurry back otay." Nicki said, with her adorable baby voice. Drake laughed. "I will, I promise." Drake said, as he kissed Nicki on her cheek, and was headed out the door. They had 2 months get away from fame, and Drake wanted to do something special for Nicki. He wanted them two to have some privacy for once! And now that the news has been exposed that they were together, they had nothing to worry about. All they had to focus on was their relationship, and where it would go, and that's exactly what Drake and Nicki wanted. As Drake pulled around the corner to a hidden area, he took out his blackberry, and began making the plans for their trip he was about to take Nicki on. He had planned on taking Nicki to the Bahama's, But he was confused, because he also wanted to take her to Hawaii, but he didn't know how he would fulfill his requests. Just then he got an extraordinary idea. He was going to take Nicki to both places! He wanted to treat Nicki like a man has never treated her before. Even though he knew Nicki loved him dearly, he still wanted to show Nicki he loved her more than anything. And he just kept feeling like he wasn't fulfilling his duty. As he got himself together, he began dialing the travel agency.

Meanwhile, Nicki was at home, still being tortured by the tabloids. She was really starting to get agitated, and that last caller was about to get an ear full. "LOOK MOTHERFUCKER, STOP CALLIN MY GOT DAMN PHONE! YOU BASTARDS GOT WHAT YOU WANTED, NOW LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE!" Nicki said, almost screaming to the top of her lungs. She was furious. The other person on the other line spoke. "UMM, well excuse me for calling my best friend, to see how she is doin! But if you want me to leave you alone, then thats just what i'll do." SB said, sounding sarcastic.  Nicki gasped. "Oh my god, Faree i am so sor-." Nicki was cut off. "Haha, its okay. I heard about what happened. Thats why i was calling you, to see if you were okay. BUUTTT, i see your in a bad mood sooo-." SB said, before getting cut off by Nicki. "NO! Don't hang up. I thought you were one of those fuckin tabloids again!" Nicki explained. SB laughed "Its iight Nick. So how you been? Everything still good with you and Drake? Dat nigga still treatinOk. One question at a time nigga! Im good, and me and Drake are better than ever! But don't worry about me. How is your mom?" Nicki said, sounding really concerned. "Oh, she's doing a little bit better. But not good enough for me to leave yet. She is still having some troubles with her heart and things. But i "THINK" she'll still be around much longer." SB said, sounding confident. "That's GREAT! I am so glad she is doing better!" Nicki said, trying to stay strong. Even though she wanted her best friend back around, it was way more important for him to stay with his mom, and she knew that. She didn't want to say the wrong thing, and make him feel bad, so she just kept the conversation good. "So, how have you been holding up?" Nicki questioned. "Oh, i been good! You know, having some fun catching up wit relatives and shit." SB answered. "That's good." Nicki answered, now starting to miss him more. There was silence, before SB broke it. "Nicki, are you mad at me?" SB asked, suspiciously. "NO, why do you ask that?" Nicki said, trying not to sound sad. "Well, you know..... because im not there with you! I mean we barely talk anymore, and i just feel like im, I I- feel like im losing you!" SB said, his throat filled with tears. Nicki let out a deep breath. She wanted to tell him the truth, but she didn't want him to feel hurt. She just decided to say what she felt. "Faree, i am not mad at you! I know you have business to take care of, and i totally understand! I mean yea, i really really do miss you, but you have a life as well, and i want you to live it. I love you no matter what and i don't ever want you to feel like that. You just take care of your business and don't worry about me. Im fine! And im not that lonely, I have Drake now, remember." Nicki said, as tears began to form in her eyes. She really wanted to tell SB to come back now, but she understood his situation. She just hoped she wouldn't have to wait much longer before she was reunited with her best friend. "Yea, your right. I just miss you soo much!" SB said sincerely. Nicki giggled. "AWWW, I miss you too, Safaree." Nicki replied. "Haha.Sooooo.... i guess i'll talk to you tomorrow then." SB said, hating to hang up with his best friend. "Okay. Make sure you call me whenever you need to talk or anything! Don't you hesitate to dial my number, you understand me! Call me anytime!" Nicki said, assuring SB understood her clearly. "OK." SB replied. "I Love you!" Nicki said. "I love you too Nick!" "Bye". As Nicki hung up her blackberry, she began to cry. She missed her best friend, but also knew it wasn't all about her. (YES IT IS!) She just had to suck it up and be a man. Besides she had the love of her life with her now, so she wasn't really complaining.

As Drake got done preparing the reservations for Hawaii and the Bahama's, he stopped by the store to pick up a few things, to make the night a little special for Nicki. As he pulled up to the driveway, he noticed the living room lights were on. This could only mean Nicki was in the living room. Drake didn't want Nicki to see the things he got for that night, so he left the bags in the car until the close was clear. He opened to see a sad Nicki lying on the couch, but when he entered, her frown turned upside down. "DRAAKKEE!" Nicki said, running into his arms, and showering him with kisses. He could tell she had been crying, by the puffiness in her eyes. He began to get worried, but he didn't want to ruin the moment, and bring up what ever happened while he was gone. He would find out later but, she was happy now, and that was all that mattered. "Someones happy to see her man!" Drake said, as he pulled Nicki closer. Nicki giggled. Drake still hadn't forgot what he had planned for Nicki that night. So he found a way to make it happen. "Baby, i got something really special planned for you tonight. Do you feel up for it? Welll, it doesn't matter cause im not taking no for an answer! So wait right here!" Drake demanded. Nicki stood there in wonder. Drake returned with a beautiful but very sexy red versace lingerie set, and a pair of glowing red versace pumps. It was in a beautiful pink bag, topped with a sparkling bow. Drake really knew how to treat a lady. "Drake, what is th-." Drake kissed Nicki's lips before she could say another word. "Go get changed, and don't come down until i say so!" Drake said, kissing Nicki's neck. Nicki didn't know what was going on, but so far she liked it. She had decided to forget all about the sad news with SB, and decided to have fun with Drake that night. "Drake, just tell me wh-" Drake kissed Nicki's lips again, but this time way more passionately. "Just go!" Drake said, letting Nicki breathe and pointing to the stair case. Nicki's knees got weak, and she began to do as she was told. As she walked up the stairs, she took one more look at Drake, and smiled. She disappeared.

Two hours later...................................

Drake was just finishing up with the decorating. He had pink and red rose pedals hovering the floor, along with dim lights. He also had candles lit everywhere, which left an amazing lavender scent to explore the atmosphere. He had all kind of desserts from chocolate covered strawberries, to cupcakes with love spelled  on the top. And he had topped it all off with Robin Thicke's "Sex Therapy" playing softly in the background. Everything was going as Drake had planned. He was ready to cater to Nicki the whole night, and to present the amazing news to her that they were going to Hawaii and the Bahama's. Just as he was about to call Nicki down, she beat him to the punch. "Drake, can i come down now!" Nicki asked, sounding like a kid who just got out of time out. Drake couldn't help but to laugh. He fixed his self before granting Nick's wish. It was time. "Yea, come on baby." Drake told Nicki. Nicki took a deep breath, and walked down the stairs. Drake stood there, watching the most beautiful women he had ever seen coming toward him. His throat was caught in his stomach along with a huge knot. Even though Nicki and Drake had been together over 3 months, Nicki still made Drake nervous. When they were close, he couldn't breathe. She was just so perfect from her lips, to her smile to her eyes to her shape, and most of all, her talents, and that was just a summary. He still couldn't believe he finally had the women of his dreams, and he would do anything to keep her. Nicki walked over to Drake, leaving a trail of beauty behind her. She was dressed in the Versace lingerie set Drake got her, with the red Versace pumps. Her hair flowing over her shoulders, topped with Glitter lotion. She looked amazing! "Drake! This is amazing!!! You didn't have to-" Once again Nicki was cut off  by Drakes lips. "SHHH. I did have to do this to show you how much i love you. I know i buy you things, and im easy to talk to. But i wanna be more than that. I want you to come to me when you need a massage or if you see a spider. (HaHaHa)  I want you to know that i love you, and i will never stop! As long as i have you, my world is complete." Drake just let all of his emotions flow from his mouth. He really wanted Nicki to know how much he loved her. Nicki took Drakes head into her hands and began to speak, looking him in his eyes. "Aubrey Drake Graham, I love you know matter what. I don't care if we were flat out broke and lived in a tenement. My feelings for you would never change. You are my man, and you don't have to do all of this extra stuff, just to show me how much you love me. I know you love me very much, and i don't ever want you to feel like i don't know that! Okay." Nicki said, finishing off with a passionate kiss. Drake smiled. He was relieved to get this off his chest, and now they could get to what he had planned. He took Nicki's hand, and led her over to the couch, where all the desserts and wine was. He motioned his hand for her to sit down, and began feeding her. As chocolate covered strawberries filled Nicki's mouth, she began to get a tingly sensation inside. "Is this the time? Should we take it to the next step?" Nicki stated in her mind. Her and Drake had not had sex since they had been together. Nicki wanted to take it slow, and Drake agreed. She didn't want to end up like last time. Giving her all to a nigga, that didn't really love her. She told herself she wasn't going to have sex until she was ready, and she was now thinking it was time. She could trust Drake, and she really wanted to give him a chance. "Drake, is it bothering you that we don't..... you know....... have sex?" Nicki said, shyly. Drake immediately stopped, and cleared his throat. He did kinda have a problem with not being able to please his women the way he wanted to, but he didn't mind. He wanted Nicki to feel comfortable with him, and if that meant waiting on sex, that's what he was going to do. "No, it doesn't bother me. Well it doesn't bother me allot!" Drake said, not making eye contact with Nicki. Nicki began to feel guilty. "Drake look at me." Nicki said, putting her finger under his chin. "Does it really bother you?" Nicki said, sincerely. "I mean, it really doesn't bother me. I'm ready when you are." Drake replied, still not making eye contact. Nicki knew he was lying. At this point she knew it was time...........

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