Friday, February 11, 2011

He's Gone !

"Drake, get off!! get off!" Nicki whispered, pushing Drake gently. She and Drake tried to put their shirt back on before the door opened, but it was to late. "WHAT THE FUCK!!" SB yelled, standing in the doorway. "Whats going on in here!" SB asked, looking completely astonished. Nicki and Drake were froze. They didn't know what to do, or what to say. "SB, it's not what you think man!" Drake lied. "Aww come on mannn! SB said in grimy voice. "I know what yall was doin! Look, i don't care if yall together, come on, just tell me!" SB demanded. Nicki and Drake looked at each other. "Yes..... we are together!" Nicki said looking down, hoping she had just made the right decision. Drake's eyes got wide. They were full of excitement. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. He looked at Nicki, and they both began to smile. Drake ran to Nicki and scooped her up by her waist. He twirled her around , kissing her passionately at the same time. "Finally! Do yall know how long Ive been waiting for this." SB said, breaking the silence with his ignorance. Drake put Nicki down. They stared in each others eyes while blocking out SB's voice in the background. "But, umm... Nicki...... im not gunna be able to go with you to New York." SB said, scared of the response he might get back. He knew what he was about to tell Nicki would hurt her, and he didn't want that at all! "Wait.. but why?" Nicki said disappointed. As Nicki tried to speak again, she could notice something was wrong with SB. "Whats wrong Safaree?" Nicki said, looking very concerned. "My mom is in the hospital." SB said looking down at his feet, as if he was gunna shed a tear. "What happened?" Nicki asked softly, as she walked toward SB to comfort him. "She had a heart attack.... and now she's on life support. The doctors said she needs some support, and that's why i need to be down there with her." SB said, sadly. "Do you want me to go with you?" Nicki said gripping his muscular shoulder. "No! you stay here and take care of your business. Plus now, you got Drake so that should make everything better!" SB said looking at Drake, trying to make the situation better. They all laughed. "I'll take good care of her!" Drake said confidently. "I know you will man." SB replied. "Wait! Safaree, your saying this shit like your gunna be gone for a long time! How long are you gunna be gone?" Nicki said, making a statement, but also asking a question. SB took a deep breath. "Nicki, i wont be back any time soon. My mom needs me, and i need to stay with her until i find out if im gunna still have a mother!" "Well, im going to give you guyz some time to talk." Drake said, as he kissed Nicki on the cheek and went into the hall. What SB just said made Nicki burst into tear! Not only because he was leaving her, but for him and his mother. She couldn't even imagine what he was going through! She loved her mother so much she would be devastated if she was in this situation. "Nicki, don't cry! im sorry! I'll try to get back as soon as i can, i promise!" SB said as he held Nicki tight in his arms. Nicki began to wipe away her tears. "Your making me sound so selfish! Im not just crying because your leaving, im crying because i would never wanna be in this situation! Never, and i just can't imagine how you feel rite now! Nicki said , looking into his eyes. SB tried to hold all his emotions in, but they took control. He began to cry. "Nicki, im scared!" SB said, as he buried his face into Nicki's neck. Nicki, tried to comfort him the best way she could. "Safaree, your mom is a strong women, and you know it! She's not gunna leave you!" Nicki whispered. SB looked up and began to smile. "Nicki, i love you so much!" SB said. "I love you too! Now go catch that plane before i have to take you!" Nicki said, playfully. "I'll be back as soon as i can!" SB said as he was headed for the door. "Don't worry about me! Like you said, now i have Drake! Nicki said smiling. SB ran back to Nicki to give her one last hug and kiss, and he was gone! Nicki flopped on the couch, forgetting all about Drake was still in the hall. Before she could go get him, he had already made his way back to the room."You okay?" Drake said, very concerned. Nicki looked at him, and just ran into his arms. She couldn't help but to burst into tears, knowing that her best friend was gunna be gone and maybe even his mother! Drake held her as tight as he could. He wanted her to forget all about what just had happened, and focus on the good things in life, but he knew that would take a long time. "Lets go." Drake said, scooping her up and carrying her to the car. He sat her in the car, making sure she was comfortable. He ran back to the studio to get there things, and they were gone. "Nicki, i know your hurting rite now, but trust me, it will be okay!" Drake said holding her hand. When Drake said that it made Nicki's heart warm up. She had realized what decision she had made in the studio, and she loved it! The ride home was descent. They talked about their future, but now present relationship, and how would they tell their families and friends. "Nicki, what about Young Money?" Drake asked, but got no response. He looked over to find that Nicki was fast asleep. As they pulled into Drake's drive way, Nicki woke up from the sound of the car door slamming. "Come on babe, lets get you in the house. Drake said quietly, as he caressed Nicki's beautiful face. Nicki was so confused from all the heart breaking news, that she was silent. She loved how Drake took control. As Drake layed Nicki down on his bed, he had an urge just to do something so pleasurable to Nicki, that he and she would never forget, but he knew what her wishes were, and he was going to respect that. Drake was headed to the closet to find some clothes for Nicki to sleep in. He went back to his room, to find Nicki sitting at the edge of the bed. "Babe, i thought you were sleep." Drake said, as he showed her the clothes she was going to be sleeping in. "I was, but i can't sleep knowing that SB could be hurting more than me rite now." Nicki said, trying not to cry. Drake put his hand under her chin, making her look at him. "I know your hurting rite now babe, but you need to get some sleep before you end up in the hospital, and i can't have that!" Drake said, kissing her lips. Nicki smiled. She took the clothes and headed to the bathroom to change, when she forgot something very important. "Draakkee!" Nicki yelled from the bathroom. Drake came rushing down the hall. "What's wrong?" Drake said, trying to catch his breath. "I forgot to pack!" Nicki said, shaking her head! "OH, yea i forgot to tell you, SB packed your stuff for you! He gave it to me while i was standing in the hallway, and i put it in my car!" Nicki smiled, and from that minute, she realized that she was not only lucky, she was blessed!


-@MINAJ_believer  :  Hope you guyz enjoyed, sorry i had to do this to SB, but i wanted to make the story more interesting!!! Stay tuned for the next chapter!! Thanx for reading ! #muahhh


  1. Oh word? You usin big words now, huh? Lmaoooo!

    Babe I loved this chapter. Aww, I feel so sorry for SB and his mother. I hope she pulls through. And Nicki, you did make the right decision. Drake is a good man and would do anything in the world for you. TRUST ME!!! : )

    Update Soon Lil Mama!!