Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Beginning !

That whole night, Nicki kept tossing and turning! She couldn't keep her mind off of the horrible news SB had shared with her that day. "UGHHH!!" Nicki yelled, kicking her feet, waking up Drake. "What's wrong Nicki?" Drake said turning over, wiping his pit bull eyes. "I need to call Safaree!" Nicki said getting up, trying to find her phone. Drake then sat up on his elbows. "I knew you would do this! That's exactly why i took your phone." Drake said, giving Nicki a grin, but he stopped when he noticed Nicki was serious. "Drake! Give me my phone!" Nicki said trying to take it from Drake's strong hand. "You gotta get it first, short stuff!" Drake said, as he got up running from Nicki. Drake knew exactly what he was doing. He tried to cheer Nicki up by playing around with her a little, he just hoped it wouldn't backfire in his face! At this point Nicki and Drake were running around the room! "At 2:21a.m no one should be up trying to play around." Drake thought. "But if its for Nicki then i will do wateva! "Drake!! Give me my phone!" Nicki said giggling, as she jumped, hopped, and climbed, reaching her hands upward trying to get her phone, from were Drake was holding it. "Nope!" Drake said smiling, showing his deep dimples. Nicki began to smile. "You think you slick, don't you?" Nicki said in a flirtatious voice as she began to get closer to Drake. "I-I-I-I don't know what you talkin bout girl!" Drake said stuttering, as Nicki's hands began to feel on his body. Their lips began to get closer and closer by the minute, and before they knew it, they were sharing a passionate kiss. Drake began to lower his arms, wrapping them around Nicki's waist. As they pulled away slowly in a trans, Nicki looked at him, and snatched away her phone. "NANANA, who got the phone know, nigga!" Nicki said, laughing and heading back to the bed. Drake began to hold his head. "Iight, i got you bae!" Drake said nodding his head and giving Nicki a seductive look. "What's that supposed to mean?" Nicki said looking concerned. "You about to find out real quick." Drake said moving closer to Nicki. "Oh, really." Nicki said, meeting Drake half way. As they reached each other, they stared into each others eyes gazingly. "So what was you saying you was gone do!" Nicki said in a bossy, but yet sexy tone. "THIS!" Drake begin to kiss Nicki's lips ever so passionately. Nicki went along with it. She wrapped her arms around Drakes neck and began to rub the back of his head. They were both in a trans. But something was just puzzling Nicki's brain, and she just had to get it out. "Drake." Nicki said, breaking the silence. "Yea baby?" Drake said, still kissing Nicki's neck. "Do you really think this relationship could work?" Nicki whispered. Drake immediately stopped. "Nicki, why did you ask that?" Drake said, discouraged. "Because, we kinda moved into this relationship pretty quick. You know its only been a day and were all over each other. We haven't even discussed anything, really! I-I just dont want to get hurt again." Nicki said, letting all of her emotions go. Drake couldn't help but to say what he felt. Drake had been wanting Nicki in his life for so long, but he never really had the guts to tell her how he really felt, and now was the chance. He sighed heavily, and began. "Nicki, from the first time i laid my eyes on you, i knew i had to have you. You were so beautiful and talented, i just couldn't take you off of my mine. All my life i have been searching for a beautiful women just like you, and now i found her. Your the most amazing women i have ever seen, and for so many years, i have been wanting to tell you I-I-I love you Onika Maraj. I mean, every time i see, you make my soul smile! You just ........ so. I know i sound real corny right now but, you just mean so much to me, and i will do anything to prove it to you! But if your not ready to be in a relationship rite now, I-I understand." Drake looked up to see Nicki smiling and crying. "Drake, that was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me." Nicki said, smiling and wiping the tears from her  eyes. She was so touched by what Drake said, but she was still having problems with deciding if she made the right decision. But she thought to herself that it wouldn't hurt to try it out, because she knew Drake would never hurt her. "I dont even know why i brought that up. Let's just forget about the whole thing. But Drake........ promise me you will never ever hurt me okay. I've been hurt to many times before and i don't wanna replay!" Nicki said, with a serious look on her beautiful face. "Nicki, i give you my word, i will never hurt you. I love you so much, i couldn't even pursue myself to do it!" Nicki gave him a big hug. She finally had decided to let him love her the way he wanted to. No more fighting, no more arguing! She had what she wanted and she wanted to keep it. "So.... where were we?" Nicki said, biting her bottom lip. She was ready to give love a chance.


-@MINAJ_believer :  for this chapter i wanted to express more love between Nicki and Drake. I didn't want them to just go into the relationship without discussing some very important things together. So stay tuned for the next chapter!!  Hope you enjoyed!  #muah!!


  1. Lmfaooo Drake you're a meanie for taking Nicki's phone. How you gone do that?
    I'm glad that their taking things slow for awhile, last thing they need to do is rush into things. They're a really great couple and are made for each other.
    Uh oh, Nicki better start getting ready for that 'Drizzy 3 Stroke' if ya know what I mean.
    Great chapter DeDe, I LOVED IT!!!

    -BunnyBoo: )