Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keeping It A Secret : Part 2

Hello! Hello! Helloo! Long time no see. Lol. I am so Sorry for the wait you all. Its just that becoming a freshman isn't as easy as i thought it would be! :\ All that damn HW, and the gym! smh. Its alot! But here is what you've all been waiting for! And trust me! IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! Hope you guys enjoy! Xoxoxoxo ;)

Nicki let up on the brake, as the officer motioned her to proceed. Everyone tried to look as calm and normal as possible, Even though they knew something was bound to go wrong. "Good Afternoon everyone." The Male officer said, Flashing the light through the car. "Good Afternoon Officer." Everyone said in a sort of ensemble. "License and registration ple-... OH MY GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!! YOUR NIC-! YOUR NICKI- MI-MI-MINAJ!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!" The officer said. Now exposing his very feminine side. Everyone in the car erupted in laughter as they watched the officer spazz. "OH MY GOD!NICKI! I FUCKING LOVE YOU!! CAN I PLEEEEASSEE HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH!?" The officer asked, pulling out his book. Shaking uncontrollably. "Of course you can babe. Who am i making this out to?" Nicki said with her million dollar smile. Grasping the pen and book. " It doesn't matter. I Wouldnt give a fuck if you put a dot!! I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!....... OH MY GOD!!! IS THAT SB!!!???!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" The officer screamed. Still spazzing. "Waddup, Wadduuuup!" SB said, nodding his head. "OMG!!! SB I LOVE YOU MAN!!! THE MOST IGNORANT NIGGA ON THE PLANET!!" the officer replied. Ashley and Drake looked at each other and shook their heads, laughing afterwards. "Here you go babe." Nicki said, handing the officer his, Now, autographed book. "Thank you so much Nicki. This means everything to me!" The officer said sincerely. "Awwwww. No problem babe. So are we done here? or do you still need  to see my-" Nicki responded, before getting cut off. "No Nicki. You go on ahead with your day love. I don't even know why they have my ass out here checking cars and shit. I need to be in the club!" The officer said, laughing afterwards. Everyone laughed. "Haha. Good luck with that babe. And thanks again." Nicki replied. "No! THANK YOU! im going to remember this moment for the rest of my life. Now you go on and enjoy the rest of this beautiful night. You hear me." The officer said, looking into Nicki's eyes. "Thank you babe. You to!" And with that Nicki drove off.
"WOW! That was a crazy. Haha" Nicki stated. " Hell Yea! Damn Nicki. Does that always happen every time you go out? Fuckin, people bout to have heart attacks and shit?!" Ashley said, laughing. Nicki Laughed. "Well you knooooowww. What can i say? I mean, Im Nicki Minaj!" Nicki replied in her british accent. Which was so adorable. Just then Drake chimed in. " You know Nicki, Your best friend is back here asleep on my damn shoulder!!!" He tried to get SB Off of his shoulder by nudging at him, but he got no response. SB Just lay their, Head rested on Drake's shoulder. " Hahahahahaha!!!! Awwwww, isn't that just the cutest thing??" Nicki and ashley said together as they chuckled. Drake Looked at Nicki And Ashley with furrowed brows. " GET OFF ME MAN!!!" Drake screamed in SB's ear. Causing him to jump in anxiety.  He looked at Drake, his head spinning. " THE FUCK YOU YELLIN' FOR NIGGA!?!?" SB Screamed back. " YOU WAS ALL UP ONE ME! I GOTTA WOMAN IIGHT!" Drake replied back, yelling. " I Know one got damn thing, you aint gone have NO Woman if you don't stop yelling in my DAMN Ear!" Nicki said, Looking through the rear view at Drake. "My bad babe. Just tell your buddy over here to keep his distance!" Drake said with a smirk, pointing to SB. Safaree chuckled. "Fuck you man!". They all shared Laughter.

They finally Reached the place SB had wanted to get to for to longest! HOME! As everyone scurried out of the car, Safaree dragged along. His head was still spinning, stomach feeling nautious. Ashley looked back to see Safaree almost about to pass out. She rushed to him, coming to his rescue. She placed his arm around her neck and guided him into the house. "Aww, Ashley you aint gotta-" SB Stated to her before getting cut off. "Hey you two! Were going upstairs. You guys ok right?" Nicki asked. Assuring if her beloved friends were going to be ok for the night. "Uuhhhhh, Duuhhh Nicki. Were not 9!!" Ashley said, Laughing. Nicki looked at her with wide eye's. "Oh, iight! Forget you then! ASSHOLE!" Nicki said, bursting out into laughter afterwards. "I'm just kidding Nicki. Yeah we'll be ok. I got this intoxicated nigga! Go have fun with Drizzy!" Ashley replied. Giving Nicki a wink. Nicki shot her an evil eye. "Yea Nicki. Come have fun with Drizzy." Drake said, Rubbing Nicki's back. " H-H-HELL NAWWW! I Don't feel like hearing yall two horny asses tonight!Take yall asses to BED!" Safaree said, head still spinning. Drake, still holding Nicki's Back, Tried to push Nicki up stairs. Knowing she was gunna say something. "Safaree! At least i have someone to get it FROM! Just let me know when you need some more Tissue and lotion kay! Night!" And with that Nicki and Drake went upstairs. They both sat their in silence before ashley bursted out into laughter. "Onika is NOT funny!" SB Said, getting up from the couch and stumbling over to the kitchen.
Safaree open the fridge and got him out an ice cold bottle of water. He gulped it down slowly, letting the cool refreshing liquid glide down his throat. "Awwwwwww. Dont feel bad Faree. I'm sure your not the only one who uses Tissue and lotion. I mean i bet there are many more guys who use it. Hey! Maybe even more than you!" Ashley stated to SB, caressing his muscular arm. SB Looked into her eye's."So you got jokes huh?" He said, moving closer to Ashley. "Haha. Don't i always?" Ashley replied, standing still. The look in safaree's eyes was gentle. "Well i got a joke for you."

"Drake, Thank you so much for what you did for me today. It was really thoughtful......... Even though you almost killed me." Nicki said, as she began taking off her jewelry. "Nicki, i wish you'd stop thanking me. I Love you girl! I'll do what ever it takes to make you happy. You know that....... And i did not try to kill you. I thought you were tougher than that. Haha" Drake replied, coming out of the bathroom. "I am tough! You just scared the shit outta me!" Nicki shot back, laughing. Drake sat on the bed as he watched Nicki undress. Admiring her beauty at every angle. He seen she was struggling with her dress so he decided to give a helping hand. He walked up behind her and held her gently. "Im sorry baby. It'll never happen again, i promise. now do you need some help?" Drake asked, kissing Nicki's ear. Nicki stood their taking in his warm embrace and gentle kisses. It made her tingle inside but also alert. Nicki still wasn't ready for THAT yet. "Yes, please." Nicki said, turning around to face Drake. Drake raised his brow's. Stunned at what Nicki just said. " WITH THE DRESS AUBREY! THE DRESS!!" Nicki said, answering Drakes eyes. They both began to laugh. "Oh, i knew that." Drake replied.


"Safaree, your drunk! STOP!" Ashley whispered, backing away from SB. "Ashley! Me and you both know we want this! Come on! We've been fighting each other all of our lives! There has always been something between us! You know it." Safaree replied, moving closer and closer to Ashley. Ashley didn't want to hear what Safaree had to say, even though she knew most of it was true. Of course she had feelings for SB, but she didn't want them to be exposed this way! Safaree was intoxicated, and that was the main reason he was speaking like this and Ashley knew it. She wasn't about to put her heart on the line for something that might be a lousy one night stand! If she and Safaree were going to get together, she wanted it to be serious! " Safaree, your drunk! Your just saying this because your drunk!! Please stop!" Ashley cried, terrified. SB was beginning to get aggressive. He cornered Ashley, roaming her body without her permission. "Ashley you know you want it, stop fighting!" . The look in his eye's scared Ashley. It was a look she had never seen before. She looked into his eye's and could tell something was not right. She continued to try and fight him off but she got no where. Push after push! punch after punch! she continued. Safaree got a good grip on her arms and pinned them to the wall. Ashley was unable to break from his strong grip. Safaree leaned in and crammed his tongue into Ashley's mouth. Ashley began to cry hysterically as she felt his tongue roam her's. She couldn't believe what Safaree was doing. She was lost, scared! Safaree had let up, breathing heavily. He seen the look in Ashley's blazing red teary eye's, and gave a devilish smirk. "What's wrong? Too rough?" He mumbled, his head unsteady. He let one hand go, and moved it to Ashley's thigh. Ashley's heart began to race as his hands slowly slid up her dress. Somehow Ashley was able to untangle herself from his powerful grip, and slapped him with all her strength! SB lost his balance and Ashley ran for the door. She was free.......

"Babe what are you doing?" Drake yelled, as he layed in the bed, watching one on Nicki's Judge Judy tapes. " I'm almost done! Hush Up!" Nicki replied. Nicki had just got done taking a shower. She and Drake had decided to just snuggle up and discuss their trip, while watching Judge Judy. Nicki was soooo excited about this trip she had already packed her bags and everything! As she came out the bathroom, she brought an aroma of Chloe perfume with her. "Its about time!" Drake said, pulling the cover's back for her. She cut him an evil eye. "Oh shut up! I'll be right back. I'm going to check on Safaree and Ashley!" She said, putting on her pink footies. "Nicki, They said they would be fine!" Drake replied. "So what!" And with that she left the room. As she walked down the stairs she called Ashley and Safaree, but got no answer. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs she seen safaree sitting on the floor. His head in his hands. He looked like he had been crying. Nicki walked over to him and flicked his head. "Where's Ashley drunk?" Nicki said, smiling. Safaree looked up and shook his head. "Im so sorry Nicki! Im so sorry!........

- Hope it was worth the wait! Stay tuned! Xoxo


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