Friday, July 22, 2011

Keeping It A Secret : Part 1

Hello!Hello!Hello! :) This is just a little something to keep you guyz occupied until Monday! I Hope you all enjoy! Muuuuuuuuah! ♥

"Did you really have to call her a disrespectful Bitch tho Faree?" Nicki said, gasping for air, as she laughed her little heart out. "Aye! The bitch had it coming! Cutting off Mama M like that! That hoe didn't realize she was talking to the mother of NICKI-FUCKING-MINAJ!?!? She lucky she ain't get a foot up her ass!" SB said, with slurred words. They were now heading home, after dropping off Ms.Carol who needed to pick up more things for her stay at Nicki's house, but she would be reunited with her daughter the following day. Drake sat in the back with SB, Ashley sat in the passenger seat, While Nicki drove. SB was pretty drunk so Drake accompanied him to make sure he didn't do anything stupid. "SAFAREE! Stop touching my damn hair!! You aint gone pay to get it done, SO HANDS OFF!" Ashley said, Turning around to address SB. "AAAAINT NOOOOBOOODY TOOOUCHIN' YOOO NAPPY ASS HEAD RAGEDY ANNE! NOW TURN YO ASS AROUND FO DADDY TEACH YOU A LESSON!" SB stated, playfully smacking the side of Ashley's thigh. Nicki Looked at Drake through her rear view mirror and cought his eye. They Both couldn't help but to burst out into laughter. Ashley Gave them all an evil glare and responded with "Fuck You Guyz!" They All Laughed. "Awwwww. Ashley. Im sorry babe!" Nicki said, trying to suffocate her laugh. "Yea Ashley. Were sorry. Haha!" Drake said, agreeing with Nicki. "Whatever!" Ashley responded. Ashley was a very sensitive girl. She was like that since Nicki and SB knew her. Always taking playful stuff to heart. Always crying over little things. But that was Nicki and SB best friend. They didnt care how she act or how sensitive she was. They loved her for her and that was it. And even though SB still jokes around with Ashley, he tries to make it very clear to her that he's NEVER serious. He just hoped SHE knew that.

As they pulled up to a stop light. They could see the police doing road checks up ahead. "Aw man! These niggas doing road checks and shit.... Well we ain't got nun to worr-" Drake stated before he actually remembered he was sitting next to a very intoxicated Safaree. And very ignorant at that! "Ayo! SB man, when we pull up here dont say shit! iight!?" Drake said, Attempting to make eye contact. "Now what could i Pooooossibly say wrong big man!? Im good!! Trust me!" SB Responded, head wobbling. #PAUZ Nicki and Ashley turned around and just shook their heads. They new this wasn't gunna turn out good.

-Stay Tuned! xoxo