Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Been A Long Time !

Nicki looked down to see that her phone had started ringing, she picked it up to hear drakes voice on the other end. "Hello", Nicki said in a whispery voice. "Nicki" ? drake said confused. "Why are you whispering"?
"Drake, I'm in a meeting rite now, I'll call you back when I'm done!" Nicki said, hanging up the phone before drake could get another word in. When Nicki's meeting was over , she said her goodbye's to her colleagues, and headed to her black Mercedes Benz that she had just got about a year ago. As she got comfortable in her pink leathered car, her phone started ringing, playing the tune of "Miss Me". She looked down to see that it was drake , again. "I thought i said i was gunna call you back!" Nicki said , as she laughed. " Dang! a nigga can't get a hello or nuttin!" Drake said playfully. "Boy! wat do you want?" nicki said ,as she laughed. "Wayne wants us to be in that new video he makin' for his new single, "I'm Changed",  and he wanted me to hit you up and tell you we need to be in New York in two days! " Okay , cool ! Is the whole family (Young Money) gunna be there?" Nicki asked, concerned. "Yeah, everybody gunna be there! y?" Drake said , sounding mysterious.
"Oh nuthing, i just wanted to know ,so that i can stop and pick up a few gifts for everyone" Nicki said innocently. " Oh really, well in that case, i wear a size 15 in shoez and a 2x in shirts. Oh and i love dat" Nicki cut him off. "Drake, who said you was getting anything?" Nicki said jokingly. "I betta be gettin sum, you know you luuh me girl!" drake said in a cocky tone. "I'm just kidding , of course your gunna get something! but you wont find out until friday!" They both laughed. Well drake, i gotta go, but thanks for callin' me and lettin me know, and tell Wayne i will most definitely be there!" Nicki replied. "Alright, well i guess I'll see you friday" Drake sighed. " Love you !" Drake said. " AWWW! love you too drake!" nicki said. They both hung up. Nicki started to dance in the car, because she knew in a couple of days, she would be reunited with her family, and she couldn't wait. She pulled out of her parking spot and headed down the street. Once she got home , she opened her door and called for SB. He was in his room playing his XBOX360 like a big kid who never had anything in there entire life. "SB!" nicki yelled. She knew he was upstairs playing his game . As she began walking up the stairs , she hear loud music coming from his room. When she opened his door, she seen him sitting on the edge of the bed with a controller in his hand and a earpiece in his ear. She walked over to him and slapped him upside his head." Yo, nicki, wat the hell was dat for!" he yelped, as he turned off his game. "I was calling you downstairs, but you got dis damn game so loud , you couldn't here me!" " AW mybad, wat did you want?" SB said in high pitched tones. "We need tah go shoppin" Nicki said with here hand on her hip. "Dang! nicki, don't you got enough clothes already!" "SB" said as he laughed. "Not for me, idiot, for Wayne and dem! Wayne wants us to be in his new video for dat new single he just did wit "Baby! and i wanted to go get some gifts for everybody since we gotta be there in TWO DAYS!" Nicki said angrily." AW, so all of Young Money gunna be there?" "SB" said with round eyes. Nicki looked at him with a evil stare. " Nawwww! Kunta Kente gunna be there! Let's go!" She said. They both walked to the car, playfully arguing about what stores they were gunna go to. " Were going ,  where ever the hell i say were going, ok !" Nicki said as she laughed. "SB" looked at her and just laughed. "Alright let's go." He said , shaking his head. When they got back , they had so many bags, they had to make triple trips back and forth to the car. Once they got all the bags out the car, nicki began separating everything. She was so tired from everything she had did that day, that she just gave up. She went up stairs , and ran herself some bath water. She stayed in the bath , soaking and thinking about how much fun she was gunna have, once she would be reunited with her Young Money family and she couldn't wait!           

-MINAJ_believer : Hope you guys enjoyed this 1st chapter. I promise the next chapter will get into more detail and their will be a WONDERFUL surprise twist. So stay tuned, and remember THIS IS FICTION!!!!!   #muah!!                                            



  1. Oh my Barbie.....I think I'm in love!!! Nicki is so business savvy she won't talk to her boo during a meeting. And then Drizzy gonna call her but it's orat cause HB forgets so easily! XD SB is a COON! XBOX360 and HOW old are you SB? Lol love him. Nicki is so nice for buying YM stuff cause some people are just stingy! Awww they said I love you! I bet they say that everytime they depart of get of the phone ;)

    As I've said up there *points* I love this and can't wait for more! On twitter I'm MinajikalMuzik. BTW: You're a great writer :)

  2. Thanx barb!!! i really appreciate it! #muah!! =)

  3. Lol @ the Kunta Kente bit! That wuz funny! I like this so far barb!! Drake is a clown & Safaree is jus plain silly, lol. Good job! :)